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“A Quiet Place” Leaves Audience Speechless

“A Quiet Place” is a movie directed by John Krasinski which tells a story about a post-apocalyptic world overrun by sound-detecting demons that hunt to kill. The film does a great job in expressing the themes of silence, family, and survival. Krasinski and the other actors in this movie represented each character flawlessly and were able to keep the audience very engaged when more than half of the film is silent.

The beginning of the film shows a family consisting of a caring father (John Krasinski), a pregnant mother (Emily Blunt), a deaf daughter (Millicent Simmonds), a timid son (Noah Jupe), and a younger son being killed by one of the human-esque monsters. Throughout the movie, the family is trying to survive in this post-apocalyptic world while still grieving over the loss of their youngest son.

The actors did a fantastic


Emily Blunt giving birth to a baby boy in a bathtub with a sound-seeking monster coming up the stairs to eat her. Photo courtesy of the New York Times.

job in their ability to give each of their characters depth without speaking. For example, the pregnant mother gives birth to a baby boy while there is a monster in the house attempting to eat her. However, through the entire process of her water breaking, her contractions, and having been impaled by a nail through her foot, she manages to only scream once. 

John Krasinski did an outstanding job directing this movie and starring in it as well. His character was able to keep his family together and safe as best he could during these desperate times. His leadership and protection to keep his family secure and as happy as they could be was expressed throughout the movie by making hearing devices for his daughter and his willingness to risk everything to save his children from death.


John Krasinski holding his son close while a monster is eating behind the tree waiting to silently move away. Photo courtesy of Roger Ebert.

The movie portrays John Krasinski as the hero of the film, however, I give a lot of credit to the deaf daughter and her ability to piece together puzzles to learn the weaknesses of the monsters. She is able to see that the monsters use echolocation to track their prey but were susceptible to the high-frequency pitch of her hearing aids. She used this against them in order to save her mother and her two brothers.

The sense of family in this movie is enhanced by the theme of survival because in this family’s reality, in order to stay alive, they must learn to unite together and use their strengths to outsmart these monsters. The family moral is very stressed to prove the point that a family can get through any situation if they unify and not take anyone or anything for granted. In the beginning, the family believed that the daughter’s deafness was a detriment but that ended up being her strength in order to defeat these creatures.

Silence is not just prominent in the film but also for the audience watching the film as well. The family uses sign language to communicate and not make any noise, and the lack of music during these moments leaves the theater paralyzed with the absence of any sound. Audience members are afraid to eat their movie snacks as they enjoy this picture because they do not want to disrupt the movie’s tone.

Although there is not much sound in this movie except very intense music that plays in important and suspenseful scenes, the movie is very entertaining. This drama/ thriller film is not to be taken as a horror movie because despite the fact that there are scary monsters, this film is meant to symbolize more than just killing and gore but the bond of people and their love for one another.

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