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Boys’ Latin Kicks off Annual Senior Internship Program


Members of the senior class, which will be participating in internships this year. Image courtesy of SmugMug.

The Senior Internship is an off-campus experience intended for seniors to explore their interests in ways beyond the traditional classroom setting. Seniors work a typical day in an occupation, observing the implications of their chosen field.

However, there’s more that goes into the process than meets the eye. Seniors plan vehemently to convert their internship idea into a reality. Senior Daniel Norman stated that when he began the process, he sought a field which excited him.

For many, the idea is the easiest part. Actualizing the vision, though, encapsulates the brunt of the work. Myriad phone calls, online applications, emails, and discussions establish this portion of the process.

For Senior Daniel Norman, his work consisted of emailing the architecture firm which had interested him. For Senior Max Franklin, his work consisted of “contacting individuals from companies to ask about their specific internship opportunities.” Yet other seniors took different measures; when meeting with the senior class, Mr. Howard stated that applying for each internship requires something different.

The next part of the process involves validation with the supervisors of the process, Mr. Howard, and Mrs. Molling. These discussions can range from as long as an hour to a few minutes, yet, by the end, each senior understands whether they have a truly viable internship opportunity.

The final part of the process is the internship itself, which, currently, has yet to happen and is relatively far away. But that doesn’t mean students aren’t excited. Max Franklin stated, “I’m excited about the senior internship.”

But it seems that more can be done to drum up hype for the internship opportunity in totality. This is because other classes haven’t truly been excited for their internships in the upcoming years. Freshman Amadou Ndiaye claimed to know little of the internship. He stated that “maybe if I knew more, I would be more excited.”

And he’s not the only one. Justin Kagen also claimed that he knew little of the opportunity. Further, it’s not far-fetched that many merely see the internship as checking the box on an already long senior year to do list.

If the school somehow indoctrinated underclassmen into valuing the internship, this view could be disseminated. Then, students could begin planning earlier, causing much better internship results.

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