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Tropicool Is Back


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Tropicool is set to open for business sometime this week. Photo courtesy of

Most weekdays in the spring around 6:00 p.m., many BL student-athletes can be found at Tropicool Treats, enjoying the Italian ice and frozen custard.

Tropicool is located right before the intersection of Falls Road and W Lake Avenue,and it is set to open up this week.

Although there is no specified opening date, the last two years Tropicool has opened up on March 23rd and March 26th, according to

Tropicool is a very well known place around the BL campus, and they are best known for their gelatis. These gelatis are layered with frozen custard at the bottom, Italian ice in the middle, and more custard at the top.

Tropicool has over 25 flavors of Italian ice to go along with three different types of custards. However, Tropicool also serves smoothies, milkshakes, and malts.

These smoothies can be made from any type of ice, and the shakes can be made from any type of custard.

As the opening of Tropicool comes closer and closer, there is much excitement around the BL community.

Junior Aidan McNulty said he loves Tropicool and uses it to cool down after sports. He also said that his go-to treat is a mango Italian ice.

Senior Ned Ruffin said that his “favorite treat is a gelati” but he usually only goes there “with his brothers.”

One of the reasons Tropicool is so unique is because they not only serve humans but dogs, too. They have Frosty Paws, which is frozen custard that is safe for dogs to eat. Many customers can bring their dogs along with them to cool down on a hot day.

Although many people love Tropicool because of the ice, senior Michael O’Neil said he likes Tropicool because of the owner, Lydia Fitzsimmons.

“She is really nice and welcoming,” O’Neil added.

Last summer, Fitzsimmons also created a fundraiser for Mt. Washington School after budget cuts to help create financial leniency.

Fitzsimmons also runs the Instagram and Facebook page for Tropicool Treats, which she uses to inform people of deals and when the stand will be opening and closing.

Tropicool also was called the best Italian ice according to City Paper in February 2014.

“I love to go to Tropicool with friends after practice just to hang with them,” O’Neil added.

Tropicool is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. starting in March and going through the end of October.

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