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Spring Break Trips Vary for Students, Teachers 


2018 Morocco 427

A small village in the country of Morocco around the High Atlas Mountains. Photo credited to Kristen Tubman.

Spring break is a week for students to simply relax, have fun with friends, enjoy the changing weather, and take time to reflect as the school year almost comes to an end. The origins of spring break have been traced as far back as the ancient Greeks, who celebrated the arrival of spring by having a three day feast called Anthesteria in honor of the Greek god Dionysus. The festivities of Anthesteria included dancing, singing, decorating their houses and covering themselves in flowers, and most importantly, a feast where all people were invited to partake. 

In more recent times, spring break traditions and plans have changed since the time of the Greeks. In the late 30s, the Colgate University swim team coach decided to take his team to compete in a swim meet in which 300 swimmers from all over the country attended in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As the team’s swimmers found themselves with downtime, they decided to travel to the beach because of its close proximity, and then many more swimmers decided to spend their down time at the beach according to Time magazine.

This rise in tourism during spring break had students buzzing about their plans as more and more people escaped the early cold months in the north to enjoy Florida’s weather.

Then in the late 50s, Glendon Swarthout, an English professor at Michigan State University, coined the term “Spring Break” as he heard his students talking about their trip to Fort Lauderdale’s beach which became a hotspot for vacationers according to Time magazine.

Today, spring break vacations have become a staple among students everywhere as both the lacrosse and baseball teams traveled to Florida and Myrtle Beach. Fellow senior Carrington Scott, a varsity lacrosse defensemen, said that during their time in Florida, the team did have a lot of free time in which they hung out, did team building exercises on the beach, worked out, and ultimately won both of their games against Oxbridge Academy (12-7) and St. Andrews (14-7).

Fellow senior Cole Jarrett, captain of the baseball team, described the baseball team’s plans in Myrtle Beach as they hung out on the boardwalk, went to different restaurants, went to the beach, and hung out at the hotel in other teammate’s rooms. The weather in Myrtle Beach was cold and windy with the hottest day being 66 degrees on their first day which wasn’t what they hoped for.

Yet, spring break is also a time to travel, explore, and relax as Kristen Tubman, Upper School Spanish teacher, talked about her trip to Morocco as she said, “We [she and her husband] spent two days in Marrakech, a busy old city with lots of beauty and street markets and a busy urban square, walking around, getting lost on tiny streets and having to pay kids to lead us back out. Then we spent two days in the High Atlas mountains in a small village where we got to touch African snow, and then we moved on to a beach-fishing town called Essaouira where we ate the most amazing olives and fruits and admired the many well-treated cats.”

She finished describing her stay in Morocco: “Finally, we spent a night in a desert oasis complete with a hail storm, camel ride and visit to a tiny village where we got invited in to have tea by an old woman.” Vacationing in Morocco might be on the itineraries of some students and faculty as she says the trip turned out amazing because of the great food, beautiful places to stay, and the experience of going to a foreign country and experiencing a different way of life.

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