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The Boys’ Latin Senior Directed Play is a Success


It’s All in the Timing cast and crew. Courtesy of Boys’ Latin.

The Boys’ Latin Upper School play was a resounding success, especially on Senior Night. A tradition at BL, Senior Night occurs on the final dress rehearsal, and admission is free for all members of the senior class. The atmosphere at this year’s spring Senior Night was an enjoyable and successful experience for performers and audiences alike.

This year’s spring play was directed by long-time actors Carson Rehfield and Will Krulak, who put on an unusual yet entertaining play that was full of laughs and gasps. The entire play was built up of several smaller acts, each with its own plot and cast. The seamlessness between the acts kept the play interesting because predicting what would happen next was impossible.

The acts ranged from romantic dates gone wrong to the life of an overworked chimp. Each scene brought engaging entertainment to the audience and gave several good laughs. The actors, including some from other schools, worked very well together in the fast-paced acts which required multiple personas.

Rehfield was thrilled to have the enthusiastic support of the seniors. He said, “It was like being a part of a varsity sports match for the first time in my life.” Rehfield has been heavily involved in the play throughout his high school career, and he says he will miss working alongside his friends.

Ely Schilling is a junior on the cast who joined the play for his love of acting and getting to know more people. Schilling enjoyed the crowd on Senior Night and said, “It’s constant energy and love that you can feel on stage.” Being in the play can be difficult at times, and Schilling believed the hardest part was balancing out and working with the massive time commitment.

Gina Molling runs the theatre department at BL and has worked with Rehfield and Krulak since they were in sixth grade. She said Rehfield directed with energy and a no-nonsense attitude, while Krulak was more patient. Molling enjoyed working with these seniors whose personalities complimented each other.

Molling agreed that Senior Night has been an important tradition for the past 18 years. She said, “It’s just that exchange of energy with the senior directed play and the senior audience.” Molling said she will greatly miss working with Rehfield and Krulak but also looks forward to the rising seniors in the play.

Traditions are a big part of BL, and the support at Senior Night was important in the long line of senior traditions. The seats were filled with seniors eager to see their classmates’ efforts on the stage. Ryan Hurley, a senior who attended, said, “It was a special moment having the seniors come out to support Carson and Will’s play.”

Senior night was far different from any other ordinary showing of the play because of the energy of the crowd. Cheers and hollering were a common occurrence in the crowd and it seemed to only fuel the actors on stage. When the play was over, the seniors came up to embrace and congratulate their peers on a job well done.

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