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Teachers Recall Past Lives Before BL

The teachers at the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland all come from different backgrounds and have interesting stories that not many students know about. The teachers have been to many different countries, taught in different languages, and have held some interesting positions before their time at Boys’ Latin.

Mrs. Fenstermaker, an English teacher at BL, has not always been an English teacher but was a waitress, a bank teller, a figure skating and hockey coach, and most interesting, a wedding planner. Fenstermaker has encountered different people who all had unique visions for their wedding.

In wedding planning, it is advised to let the wedding planners do most of the heavy lifting; however, one couple wanted their family involved. The couple delegated jobs to the family members, but some of these relatives were late or slept in, causing more problems than helping.

The worst part about the day was the ending, when the couple was supposed to walk to their limo and when they kissed, fireworks were to explode, but this did not go off as planned. The family member appointed to set off the fireworks had a little bit too much to drink and was excited and set off the fireworks way too early. The wedding couple, Fenstermaker’s boss, and Fenstermaker were upset, but in the end, the wedding planning team got paid for a job that they barely participated in.

Many teachers at Boys’ Latin have traveled the world and have had many different jobs allowing them to experience many different cultures, even joining the Peace Corps. Ms. Mullally and Mr. Zielaskiewicz both were involved with the Peace Corps and have done many jobs in different countries like the Central African Republic, Bahrain, and Germany. Both of these teachers speak different languages like French, German, and a little Spanish.

Mullally has lived in many places, but one memorable story that she shared was about her time in Africa. She lived in a village with no electricity or running water at a local school. She had a bucket shower and a makeshift refrigerator, and it was under these poor conditions were she learned more about how valuable education is.

In her village in Central Africa, only one out of 40,000 Africans went to college. The Africans greatly appreciated their education and Mullally for being able to teach them in French. Also, during her time in Bahrain, she learned about “how negatively Islam is portrayed in the media and how it is a peace, loving, family-oriented faith,” Mullally said.

Mr. Freihofer is also a teacher who has been on many an adventure. He loves to go out and explore in his rowboat and row as far as he can go. Freihofer does this in order to connect more with nature and himself.

When Freihofer rows, he said that rowing helps him think about life and become mindful of the world around him. While he rows, he writes down everything that happens in order to write a book about his adventure. These four books that Freihofer has written helps him to reminisce about times that have past and also help him think about life in the present.

There are many other teachers who have shared and are willing to share stories about their time before coming to Boys’ Latin like Mr. Sergeant and Mrs. Burke.

Most teachers have said that they would not trade their experiences in these part time jobs for anything.

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