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Nor’easter Strikes BL Community In Many Capacities


A local company removes a tree from the Schell’s roof. Photo courtesy Ritchie Schell.

The early March Nor’easter that cycled down the east coast wreaked havoc for millions. The high wind speeds inflicted property damage, power outages, and tree falls all over the eastern part of the United States. For the Boys’ Latin community, certain members were more affected than others.

For starters, Boys’ Latin lost power for a day along with many other local schools. While the school was still able to operate, learning was certainly complicated with education relying so much on the internet. Additionally, the darkness and pondering hope that school would be dismissed early certainly served as a common distraction among students.

Head varsity football coach Ritchie Schell resides with his family adjacent to the upper turf field. Schell, whose backyard is shaded by large pine trees that sit on Boys’ Latin property, was one of the many locals who were a victim to a tree falling on their house. Fortunately, the tree that fell on his house didn’t break through the house and left the Schells with minimal roof and shutter damage.

“We got lucky. Insurance was great but just a hassle. BL will pay for whatever insurance doesn’t cover,” Schell said.

The Model UN team, who travels multiple times a year for competitions, traveled to Delaware in the midst of the Nor’easter; they didn’t realize that all major bridges would be closed for safety precautions. Mac McDonald, who coaches and runs the Model UN team, allotted two to three hours for his team to travel to Delaware on a Friday afternoon. Little did McDonald and the team know that it would be a 12-hour long commute; needless to say, they eventually arrived and were ready to compete.

Senior-leader Carrington Scott certainly didn’t enjoy sitting on the bus for numerous hours but said they figured out ways to have fun and “bonded because of the conditions.”

“I had no idea that we would be on the bus that long. I was hoping that we’d just turn around, but I’m so happy that we went. It was a great trip,” Scott said.

The BL robotics team, who travels nationwide to compete during the late spring months, also encountered obstacles due to the wind storm. In their first night’s stay, the power went out in the hotel which prevented BL from being able to scout and complete other preparation tactics that require power. Fortunately, the gym where the competition was held maintained power, but the team mentioned that they could have performed better had they been able to properly prepare and scout.

Senior Wayne Garrus commented that the robotics team had fun running around in the powerless hotel but felt the distraction prevented them from doing their best work when it came to competition day.

The Nor’easter was a nuisance to many members of the BL community in a variety of ways, but the school is grateful that nobody was hurt. Additionally, many people around the east coast suffered greatly, and the BL community should recognize that they were lucky in many ways.

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