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New Water Bottles Spark New Interests


The new Niagara water bottle in Student Commons.

With many changes in the student commons ranging from staff to food options, one change has stuck out to students the most. The new brands of water bottles have caught the eye of any student or faculty member that enjoys drinking from the cafeteria’s selection of beverages. The new brand Niagara has taken over the previous competitors Crystal Glacier and Poland Springs.

The size, shape, and volume of the new bottle have created a wide variety of opinions. Senior Patrick McDermott said, “The new bottle is different than the past one, mainly because it seems to not hold the same amount of water that the Crystal Glacier bottles did.” This seems to be a problem for many students.

Poland Springs bottles made a short appearance in the student commons as well. With Crystal Glacier disappearing from the student commons, Poland Springs only took over for a short two weeks before being switched to Niagara. Senior Devon Brewer said, “I think that they should have just stuck with the bottles they had. They were fine and held a good amount of water. I don’t see the reason for switching.”   

Many students had grown fond of bringing the Crystal Glacier bottles across the street to refill them when they had finished drinking them. Senior JP Barbeau said, “I usually brought my bottle across to fill it up again. The new bottles are very small and run out of water quickly. I think it was a downgrade from Crystal Glacier.”  

The new Niagara bottles have also had many issues selling in the cafeteria since the switch. Students seem to have switched their beverage choices because of the new bottles. The new beverage that has sparked interest in the students is one that has been in the cafeteria from the beginning.

Purity Organic has been the popular drink ever since Niagara has entered the picture.

A new variety of flavors have also been offered to the students such as lemonade, grapeade, and blueberry plus.

Freshman Charlie Godin said, “I usually like to drink water during lunch, but since the new Purity juices came out, I have recently started drinking those.” The main cause of this switch seems to be linked to the recent change in bottles.

Bottles have been constantly changing in the cafeteria, and students find it hard to find a beverage that they enjoy. Although many may agree water is just water, students enjoy the bottles because of the size, shape, and price of each bottle.

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