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Middle Names Define Individuality

Middle names are commonly overlooked, but each contains a different story.  This is extremely prevalent at Boys’ Latin. A middle name is a defining trait of an individual and can have many different meanings.

Some middle names are given based off of tradition.  Others are given to honor family members. A middle name can have absolutely no reasoning behind it, but it makes an individual unique in some aspect.  

Mr. Black, a science teacher, was given the middle name Francis.  Mr. Black has Irish roots on his mother’s side of the family, and his grandfather’s middle name was Francis.  Mr. Black shares the middle name Francis with Mr. Roche, a learning specialist.

Mr. Roche’s middle name was given to him in honor of his grandfather.  The two’s middle names are the same, and so is the reasoning behind them.


Mr. Roche’s driver’s license with his middle name highlighted.  Photo credit to Mr. Roche.

One of the most unique middle names in the Boys’ Latin community is Oslund, Mr. Hilpert’s mother’s maiden name.  

There are many other unique and interesting middle names among both students and faculty at Boys’ Latin.  Basil Aburn, a student, stated that he “would name his son Basil William Aburn III.” This would be to continue the tradition of his name.  

Mr. Bailey and his wife have discussed giving their first child the middle name Hunter.  Hunter is her maiden name and her grandfather’s name.

Many members of the Boys’ Latin community are very proud of their middle names, especially Jamie Rice, whose middle name is Munson.  This came from King Munson, who Jamie is related to. Rice plans on passing on Munson to his child in the future.

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