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Senior Class Has Wide Array of Cars

By the time senior year rolls around, most students have their license and their own car they drive to school in the morning. The senior class drives a very diverse assortment of cars from large trucks to small sedans.

The biggest car in the senior class in Mac Alban’s 2014 Ford Lariat with many modifications and light bars. Alex Westerkamp said, “Mac’s truck is an absolute monster and intimidates everyone on the road.” Alban’s truck can be heard from a mile away with his muffler on his exhaust pipe.

The senior class has many other trucks, like Alec Cohen’s Ford F-150 and Mike O’Neil’s Chevrolet Silverado. While these trucks are not as large as Mac’s truck, these trucks still pack a punch. Sophomore Joe Dye loves the “slickness and simplicity” of these two trucks as they are basic but still “beautiful trucks.”

Many students in the senior class drive SUVs and crossover style cars. A model of popular choice is a Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee. Ben Witham has a 2017 Cherokee Overland with beautiful white leather seats and a large touch screen at the center console.

The slightly larger version of Witham’s car is Michael Ubriaco’s brown Jeep Grand Cherokee. Ubriaco’s dad passed down his Grand Cherokee to him, leaving Ubriaco with a great car for his daily commute. Jack Sutton loves Ubriaco’s car and would love one in the future for himself.

Sedans like Devon Brewer’s Audi and Bryce Atkinson’s Mustang highlight the sedan vehicles in the class. Brewer’s white Audi is a favorite of sophomore Connor Cadigan because of the “clean rims and pearl white color.” Atkinson’s all black Mustang also has a muffler and has a very short 0-60 MPH time.

Other sedans like Jack Morton’s Hyundai and Max Franklin’s Acura are other sedans loved by others in the class. Will O’Dell said, “If I could have any sedan in the class, I would take Franklin’s Acura.” Morton’s Hyundai is feature packed with Apple’s new Carplay on his large center console screen.

The least favorite and most mocked car in the senior class voted on by many seniors is Will O’Dell’s 1998 Chevy Blazer. O’Dell said his car is a clunker with wheels that are about to fall apart. Senior Connor Walsh said O’Dell’s car is “eady to fall apart at any moment.”


Mac Alban’s truck. Photo courtesy of Alban.

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