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Students Vote for Best Student Sections of First Semester

The first semester of the 2017-2018 school year was a blaring success for student section turnouts and themes. Many sports like football, basketball, and volleyball enjoyed the student section boom as almost every home game had large crowds who supported the Lakers. Themes this year like silly hats and onesies were very creative and original while jersey and blackout returned as strong themes for any sport.

Themes for student sections have been around the Boys’ Latin community for several years and have introduced new themes this year. A poll sent to the Boys’ Latin student community voted for their top three favorite student sections of the first semester. The top three themes were blackout, jersey, and Laker.

The theme that received the most votes was blackout with 41 votes (42.3%).  Freshman Tommy Ozonoff said, “Blackout is an easy and cool theme to have for a student section.” Blackout was used in student sections for ice hockey when BL tied Gilman 3-3.

Another common theme used by Boys’ Latin was the jersey theme which came in second place with 34 votes (35.1%). Many students wear basketball jerseys because they are “light and sick looking,” said senior Michael Ubriaco. Other popular jerseys are MLB and NFL jerseys of the Orioles and Ravens.

Falling only two votes behind jersey in third place was Laker theme. Most of the big games against St. Paul’s featured big student sections with the Laker theme. Laker theme is normally used for “big games where we need all the students we can get,” said sophomore Connor Cadigan.

A big reason for new themes and spreading the message for the themes of the game is the new Spirit Council. The Spirit Council consists of students from all four grades and they decide on the theme for the next game. The Spirit Council spreads the word of the themes to the student body through email and during announcements at lunch.

Themes for student sections bring life and energy to the teams playing. Seeing the student section in a blackout during a primetime game “energizes the whole team,” said senior Patrick McDermott. The second semester should host more amazing student sections and themes as lacrosse season gets underway.

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