BL Reacts to Super Bowl LII

On February 4th, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33. Throughout the season, many people made predictions about who would make the Super Bowl. While the Patriots were unanimously expected to have made the Super Bowl, only a few thought the Eagles would go and win.


Nick Foles hoists the Super Bowl trophy. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

After the Super Bowl, students came to school expressing their feelings on the results. While some were upset or did not care, others came in smiling and ready to rub in the Eagles victory. Jack Tancredi, a senior at Boys’ Latin, was raised in Philadelphia and has been an Eagles fan his whole life.

“Since I was young, I had always loved the Eagles, so it was really nice to see them finally win,” said Tancredi. Tancredi has relatives in Philadelphia, so he was able to partake in the post-game celebration in the streets.

Philadelphia was full of fans celebrating in various ways, from marching through the streets to flipping cars. Since this was the Eagles first ever Super Bowl win, the fans wanted to make it one to remember. They put themselves on the map by celebrating in the streets with no filter on what they would do, making it unpredictable on the possibilities of what could have happened. Tancredi referred to the celebration as if it was “like no other.”


A fan climbs a light pole in Philadelphia. Photo courtesy of Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images.

Before the Super Bowl throughout the Eagles’ playoff run, fans were known to climb poles through the streets. The city officials responded by greasing the poles, making them more difficult to climb. While some people could not manage to climb up the poles, others found ways to make it to the top for glory among all.

Britt Cohen, a member of the senior class, has been a Patriots fan his whole life. “My first NFL game was the Ravens vs. Patriots preseason matchup. My dad told me to root for the Ravens so I wanted the Patriots to win. I have been a fan ever since,” said Cohen.

Cohen strongly believes that the Patriots should have won the Super Bowl. He thinks they should have won because “they have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who is the greatest head coach of all time.”  He also believes they should have played Malcolm Butler who was a starting cornerback for the whole season.

“Sitting Malcolm Butler was a very bad call. He played 98% of the snaps this year, so I believe they should have kept him in,” said Cohen. Butler was the player who intercepted the ball to lock a Patriots win against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

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