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Senior Privileges Are Complicated

Every year at the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, the senior class gets excited about their senior privileges. Senior year can be tough and stressful due to college applications, school work, extracurriculars, internships, and community service hours. Senior students have an endless workload on their plates, and these “privileges” are an incentive for students to work hard and finish their last year on Lake Avenue.

“Senior privileges are like a carrot on a stick to recognize and reward members of the senior class who have done good things for our community. It’s a way to recognize that seniors are in a different place than juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. It’s an opportunity to give them more freedom,” stated the Head of the Upper School Mr. Mitchell.


IMG_0927 (1)

Jack Morton signs in at 8:50 a.m.

So far, seniors have been able to show up later than usual if they have the first period free, allowing them to arrive at school and sign in before 8:55 a.m. The near-graduated students look forward to their future privileges, such as leaving school during lunch, dress down days, or being able to leave during last period free. These small benefits may seem irrelevant or inconsequential, but they provide a lot more freedom and independence for a student.


Senior privileges are an incentive for students to behave well, finish their community service hours, and serve as exceptional models for the underclassmen. According to senior class co-president Brandon Kagen, the seniors have to help out underclassmen with any problems and “come to school every day and leave it a better place.”

There are many senior students who believe that they deserve their privileges early due to the amount of hard work they have put in.

Justus Brown, a senior, stated, “I’ve been here for four years, and I’ve worked very hard throughout every minute of it. I’ve completed my community service, came to school on time, and have had no infractions; some of us should have privileges.” Brown can’t wait to be able to leave campus during lunch and go to restaurants with his friends.

With no set timeline or rulebook, senior privileges can leave students and even teachers in anger and confusion.

Throughout the year, one can hear seniors in the hallways asking each other, “When are we getting our privileges? The seniors last year got their privileges so much earlier than us.” Privileges are given to the seniors not because they are older than other students; they are given privileges because they have lived up to the teachers’ expectations.

Senior privileges fluctuate from year to year as each senior class proves that they are worthy at different times of the year. “Every time we ask about senior privileges, we are told to be good role models around the school; we are getting very impatient with the abstract laws of senior privileges,” Danny Norman exclaimed. The class of 2018 just needs to finish their community service hours and continue to help out the underclassmen, or they could never receive more senior privileges.

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