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Model UN Members Succeed at Conference


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Alex Stengel, David Giordano, and Zach Lutzky bring home awards for their efforts during the AmeriMUNC conference.  Courtesy of Boys’ Latin Instagram.

On February 2-4, members of the Boys’ Latin Model UN club went to the AmeriMUNC conference at American University.  At this conference last year, club members Jamie Owens and Alex Stengel were the first members in the history of the club to win Best Delegate, the highest possible award.  The club continued their success at AmeriMUNC and brought home two commendations and the Diplomacy Award.

David Giordano, ‘19, was given the Diplomacy Award while Alex Stengel, ‘19, and Zach Lutzky, ‘20, were given commendations.

Model UN is a unique club in that it involves going to a couple of conferences during the year.  Junior Teddy Roebuck said, “I love meeting the people who come to the Model UN conferences because they come from all over the world.” Interacting with people from different areas and backgrounds is one of the best parts of the club for many of the members.

During the conference, students are assigned to different committees that debate different topics.  For example, Stengel was in the Catalonian Parliament debating on whether or not they should declare independence from Spain.  Meanwhile, Roebuck was a United States Cabinet member and ambassador to China.

Using tactics like blackmail and going behind people’s back are popular in Model UN.  “I paid a visit to the anti-independence caucus and blackmailed them. Which seems rough and unnecessary, but when dealing with stubborn delegates in a Model UN conference, desperate times absolutely call for desperate measures,” said Stengel.

Members do not just show up to the conference and find out their positions.  There is a lot of preparation for these conferences.

Members of the club get their positions weeks before the conference.  During these weeks, they work on their position paper, which is formal research.  In addition to working on their papers on their own time, the club also meets every Thursday for 30 minutes.

The Model UN club had another conference on March 3rd, the HenMUN at the University of Delaware.  Stengel said, “The Model UN club is digging in our heels. We have met on weekends and a Friday after school on top of our weekly Thursday meetings.”

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