BL Baseball Hopes to Win Third Consecutive Championship

The Boys’ Latin baseball team has the opportunity to win its third championship in a row. Last year’s 2017 team was the first in BL baseball history to win the championship back-to-back years. This 2018 team has the potential to be the first BL baseball team to win three championships in a row.

BL baseball finished on top of the B-conference the past two seasons. This year, two new teams moved from the C-Conference to B-Conference. Gerstel Academy and Saint John’s Prep played each other in the C-Conference championship last season.

“I think since we’re back-to-back champs and [have] been to the last three championships that pretty much every team is coming for us. I know that every team that wants to be in contention for the championship is going to send their best pitcher every time they play us,” said Justus Brown, the starting catcher.

This year, there are 11 seniors on the team compared to having only five the previous year. There is a lot of experience as well as chemistry for the Lakers.

Jackson Gazin is another senior leader who believes that this team is one that “has experience, great chemistry and is ready to compete.” And competing is something this year’s team will have to do. Both the varsity and junior varsity participated in the fall and winter workouts.

Hard work and grit is essential for this team. Bill Greenwell, the head coach, also finds it important that “we develop young players too. We have a lot of seniors, we have a lot of freshmen, so we want to win this year but also spend more time developing the younger players, too.”

The baseball trip down to Myrtle Beach during spring break allows players to have fun on and off the field. Jack Fishel, a freshman looking to make the varsity team, said, “I’m very excited for Myrtle Beach. I think it will be a lot of fun [and allow us to] get closer as a team.”

Max Mygatt is one of the varsity pitchers and stated that one of his goals this year is “being good leaders and making sure that this senior class is one of the best that BL has ever had.” David Robinson, another pitcher on the varsity squad, said, “This is our last chance to make memories. It’s our last chance to go out on top…We want to win the championship.”

The baseball team’s success does not go unnoticed at BL. Kenny Lewis, a senior, added, “Although I don’t play baseball, it’s always nice to see a sports team win consecutive championships, so I’m proud of them and hope they win another one.”

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