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Snapchat Goes Wild with New Update



Jamie Rice is appalled by the new Snapchat update.

Snapchat has had many updates that have made some of its users upset but none as drastic as the latest tragedy.

It seems that everytime Snapchat comes up with a new update, some of its users are upset for a while. Users often show their disdain for the change over other forms of social media.  However, no update to date has caused more anger and frustration for the Snapchat users as much as the latest update.

The main backlash Snapchat is getting with its new update is how it changed how users can view your friends’ stories.

Boys’ Latin School of Maryland senior Matt Brandau said, “What really upset me about the new Snapchat was the stories.  It was much easier when you could just scroll to the right twice and all of your friend’s stories were right there in chronological order.  This [the new feature] was such an annoyance it almost ruined Snapchat for me.”  Strong words from the senior.

Brandau’s assessment of the new update can relate to just about everybody else who uses the app.  Like Brandau said above, it was much easier to view stories before the update occurred.  On the new update, whenever one of the user’s friends posts a story, their story is mixed into the user’s regular Snapchat conversations.

It seems Snapchat was trying too hard to make the app easy to use by trying to put stories and conversations on the same page, but all this did is frustrate the user.

Not only are stories and conversations being mixed on the same screen annoying, it also has another downside.  Even if the user has a friend on his Snapchat that he has never even sent one Snapchat to before, that story will pop up in his recent conversations.  This often leads to the user accidentally snapchatting a person they are not very familiar with or fond of, which can result in awkward interaction.  

Senior Chris Brandau was a victim of this tragic flaw in the update. “Last week I accidentally snapchatted my ex-girlfriend, and it was really awkward,” said C. Brandau.

The new update also gives the “discover page” an entire section all to itself.  The discover page has a bunch of news articles and accounts for entertainment on it.  This sounds great and all, but for the most part is the least used part of Snapchat for a majority of the users.

I really do not see the point of giving the discover page its own section of the app.  Why does one of the least used features of the app get to have its own section when the two most used features – stories and conversations – have to share a section?  I do not see the point in this.

Also, I feel as if there is no real reason to put the news on Snapchat.  I understand that the entertainment accounts are there for the pleasure of the viewer, but when it comes to reading the news, nobody thinks to go to Snapchat.  

Snapchat was made originally as a form of communication between people.  Nowadays, there are so many other ways to read and watch the news, including other social media. Why would anyone choose to look at the news through Snapchat and not a nationally recognized news source?

The users of Snapchat are not afraid to show their distaste for the new update through other social media.  There have been many tweets [Twitter] asking for large numbers of retweets to get the update reversed.

One tweet asked for 50,000 retweets to show how much the people hated the update, and they more than achieved this goal.  This tweet received over 1.5 million retweets.

So many people use Snapchat every day as a form of communication. It will not lose a large number of users due to this new update. However, if Snapchat wants to increase its user’s morality, then it should go back to the previous update or drastically change the new one.  

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