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One Love Club Breaks Record On Valentine’s Day


Senior Jack Morton makes a hand heart to show love for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day approached, and the One Laker|One Love Club put together its annual Valentine’s Day card event. The event allows students from each grade in the upper school to send a Valentine card. The schools that participated in the event are Maryvale, RPCS, Garrison Forest, Bryn Mawr, and St. Paul’s.

The event is held every year in the upper school for the students to participate in. The majority of the upper school students show their appreciation to the One Love Club by writing a Valentine’s Day card, which does not cost them any money to send.

“The event is a great way for the students to recognize what we do in One Love Club. I also feel like the event is something for the students to look forward to each year. I really think it’s a one of a kind thing we do here at Boys’ Latin,” said Tucker Booth.

Most of the students have something to look forward to in the month of February, and the cards are a great way to kick off the month for the boys.

The Valentine’s Day cards are always something that students look forward to. However, students also look forward to the singing that is held in the Student Commons annually during Valentine’s Day as well. The singing was miraculously discontinued this year for the students to participate in.

“I was a bit bummed to not see the students awkwardly get called up in front of the entire student body and faculty. I have been on both ends of the stick and know what it feels like to laugh as well as be very embarrassed. It’s all a good time,” said Michael Ubriaco.

Many of the student body feels the same way as Ubriaco. Patrick McDermott said, “I love seeing my friends get called up to the chairs at the front of the commons. The singing always makes me laugh super hard.”

The singing at Boys’ Latin had always been a huge hit. Many students agree it was a shame that the campus did not feel the same on Valentine’s Day because of the discontinued event.

However, the student body combined sent a total of 300 plus cards. Booth said, “This was a record for us. We have never had this many cards sent before, and I am glad that the students decided to participate. Hopefully, this will show the freshmen and sophomores more about what it’s like to be in One Love Club and also how it’s not always serious around the school.”

The students had more than enough fun sending the cards, as Basil Auburn said, “I sent about ten cards to my close friends at the different schools they were being sent to. I always love to see their reaction when they get a card. Their reaction shows they’re usually pretty surprised.”

The club looked at this year as a giant success. They were able to generate enough cards to each school this year and were able to deliver them happily to each.

The One Love Club in the past has had issues with not generating enough cards for certain schools. When this occurred, the club had no choice but to not visit the school with the least amount of cards written to them.

“This year was a huge success. I was more than happy with the turnout, and I was glad to see some guys who normally don’t participate step up and write a card. Even though we don’t gain anything from this in regard to donations, it lets other schools know we care and we have fun doing it,” said Josh Blibaum.

Fellow One Love Club leader Chris Brandau also recognized the success saying, “As a leader this year, I felt like the club as a whole did a great job with the cards. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the club, from seeing the kids write the cards to then delivering them. It’s all really fun. I think we stepped it up big time this year.”



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