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One Love Acknowledges Teen Dating Violence Month



One Love Foundation logo, courtesy of Stanford University.

Throughout the month of February, the Boys’ Latin community acknowledged teen relationship violence with the help of the One Love Club. February is widely regarded as a month which seeks to educate teens and prevent dating violence amongst high school and college students. Boys’ Latin’s very own One Love Club took the lead in various activities that raised awareness for teen dating violence.

The activities ranged from class discussions to trivia competitions between students and faculty. The class discussions were held with each grade level and were entirely lead with student leaders from the One Love Club.

The senior class watched a video and discussed why that featured relationship was abusive and the signs that were apparent. The atmosphere in the room was positive and full of energy as students had productive conversations about how to stop abusive relationships.

Tucker Booth, a senior leader of the club, said that everyone was engaged in the senior class and that the discussions showed a great deal of promise for the future of abuse prevention.

The junior class took part in the annual escalation workshop, which consists of watching a dramatization of an abusive relationship. After watching a movie, small group discussions were used to break down the events in the film. Booth and other students in the One Love Club helped organize this successful discussion about relationships.

Booth was also involved with organizing the trivia Thursday competition. The trivia Thursday focused on healthy examples of relationships in Hollywood and helped spread a good example of healthy teen dating.

Booth was also leading the sales of $3 One Love wristbands, whose sales went to the One Love Foundation. The blue wristbands featured white lettering on which was written “One Love,” and many of the upper school students and faculty wore them around the halls throughout the month.

Mac Booth, T. Booth’s younger brother, is also a member of the One Love Club and decided to join as a freshman after seeing the work his older brother did. A public service announcement about healthy and unhealthy relationships was delivered to the upper school, and M. Booth had the job of creating follow up questions which were pitched to fellow classmen. M. Booth said, “I learned a lot about statistics for teen relationship violence which I had never heard before.”

One of the many events during February was Sheran Love’s talk to the upper school. Love founded the foundation after she lost her daughter Yeardley Love to an abusive boyfriend on May 3, 2010. Love offered her deepest gratitude to the upper school for the work done to support awareness and prevention of relationship violence.

Chase Bailey, a senior, said, “Having Ms. Love come to BL to talk to us brought the whole week together.” Many members of the community agreed that the efforts to support awareness will keep going through the spring.  

Andrew Robinson, a faculty leader in the club, was very proud of the student leaders in the club who took the job of organizing and executing most of the events.

“They planned the activities, they created discussion questions, and made the powerpoints,” said Robinson. He believes that the club’s distribution of leadership allowed the week to be successful because more members of the community were to be involved.

The activities of the One Love Club do not stop in February. In April, BL will hold its annual One Love Day, which is regarded as the summit of the club’s efforts. The awareness and support for teen relationship violence have been extremely impressive so far this year.

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