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Students Choose Between Three Different Locations to Hang Out



Members of the senior class gather during their free period at the back of the library.

During free time, the majority of Boys’ Latin students choose between three different locations to hang out: the student center, library, and hallway.  Especially during the wintertime, students from every grade gather at these places.  

Due to the loss of their senior room, many seniors turned to the senior garden as a place to relax during the fall, but with winter here, it has become too cold to stay in the garden. So, the seniors have had to join the rest of the school and find somewhere inside to hang out.

The hallway outside Mr. Hindes and Mrs. Rodriguez’s rooms is the go-to spot for many members of the senior class. Michael Ubriaco, a senior, wrote his senior speech on his memories from the hallway. Ubriaco said, “The hallway is a great place to hang out before school, but during school, it can be really tough to get work done.”

If Ubriaco needs to get work done, he usually goes to the student center so he can work on a table and not the ground. The student center is a popular place for mainly freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

Blake Shepherd, a junior, said that he goes to the student center every day because he is able to get work done, chill, and interact with his friends. Carlos Domacasse, a sophomore, said that he only goes to the student center because they have comfortable couches. Both of them said that they would like the TVs to actually be turned on and for some of the chairs to be in better shape.

The final of the three locations is the library. There are two sections to the library, the front and the back. Walker Campbell, a junior who hangs out in the front section, said, “I go to the library during my free periods and in the mornings because it’s quiet and I can get a lot of work done.”

While the front section of the library is a nice quiet place to get work done, the back section can be the complete opposite. Claire Ricci, the librarian at Boys’ Latin, said that some days she has to tell students multiple times to quiet down.

Travis Smith, a senior who hangs out in the back of the library, said, “It can get really rowdy in the back of the library, especially in the mornings.”

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