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School Snow Days are Good for Students

Every year during winter, schools in Maryland brace themselves for the inevitable snow and below freezing temperatures. At Boys’ Latin, students enjoy the freedom of a day off of school by changing their daily routine of learning in the classroom. These unexpected holidays are an essential part of a teenager’s life as they provide liberation from their daily activities.

Some students at Boys’ Latin utilize these snow days as a day of relaxation or excitement. As they figure out that there is no need to wake up early and drive to school, the teenagers have plenty of time to plan their stress-free day. Blake Shepherd, a junior at Boys’ Latin, loves snow days because he enjoys a peaceful day off of school to “chill” with his family and friends.

With various fun activities such as sledding, skiing, or having snowball fights, snow days at Boys’ Latin give students a time to hang out with friends outside of school.

Winston Chodnicki and Sheppard spend most of their snow days at the Roundtop Mountain Resort where they ski down steep mountains. “My most exciting visit to Roundtop was when I wiped out really hard in front of Winston. I was skiing down the steep mountain and caught an edge and ‘yard-sailed,’” stated Shepherd.

Having two snow days and two delays this year, students at Boys’ Latin also enjoy the extra time to sleep. Ethan McCann, a senior at Boys’ Latin, stated, “My favorite part about snow days is that I can sleep in later than I normally do. I normally wake up at around 6:30 in the morning for school, and I barely have time to sleep and relax.”

Snow days are a necessary part of a student’s life because they allow students to deviate from their daily agenda of learning. Some students spend these “free days” as a time of reflection, excitement, or relaxation, but most Boys’ Latin students use them as a day filled with exhilarating activities.

Travis Smith, who is a senior ice hockey player at Boys’ Latin, uses his day of liberation to find a place to skate. Smith explained his favorite activity: “When it’s really cold, I usually drive to Ethan McCann’s house because there is a pond behind it. The pond is frozen, and I usually play pond hockey with Ethan, Josh Blibaum, Danny Norman, and Jamie Rice.”


Seniors play pond hockey behind Ethan McCann’s house. Photo credit J.P. Barbeau.

Because these snow days are made up at the end of the year, the time in school that is lost to inclement weather has no negative impact on student learning. Keeping school open during inclement weather could force students to fall behind on their work if they are unable to attend.

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