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HQ Trivia Game Takes BL by Storm

HQ—the new live trivia app that already hundreds of thousands of people play—calls upon many BL students to tune in twice a day. To win the game, one must answer all 12 questions correctly. Players can win or split $2,000 and up to $15,000 depending on the day of the week.

The games that go live on Sunday nights usually have higher stakes than the rest of the days of the week. Scott Rogowsky, the main host of the game show, entertains players and reads the questions to the audience. The questions start out easy and increasingly get harder.


BL students tune into HQ at 3:00 p.m. as school ends.

If a question is answered incorrectly or not answered within 10 seconds, the player will be eliminated from that game. However, if he has an “extra life,” he will be put back in the game. Extra lives can only be used once per game and are rewarded for referring the app to someone else.

Although, the app does have some weaknesses. With a rapidly increasing amount of people playing, the servers have trouble supporting the demand. Many players have been accidentally kicked out of the game and have had other glitches as well.

Due to technical difficulties, a recent game was delayed 30 minutes. “As their fan base grows, their servers can’t handle that many people on a livestream which is kind of a problem,” said Stephen Davis, a sophomore who plays HQ. Davis went on to say that this has not always been the case; it has been a more recent problem.

Eddie Heider, another sophomore at BL, reached question 11 out of 12 on HQ with a combination of knowledge and strategic guessing. He said he likes how there are only two games a day and only 10 seconds to answer each question because it produces “a sense of urgency and accomplishment.”

Alex Halouchanka is a senior who is new to HQ. Halouchanka emphasized how he likes the excitement and rush the app brings to him when he plays.

“I don’t know of any other trivia apps that actually have a live person [hosting] and you can’t play all the time; there are only like two set times you can play,” remarks Justus Brown, also a senior at BL. Brown first learned about the app when one of his friends asked him for help answering HQ questions.

HQ is still climbing the charts in the App Store. The founders of HQ are the creators of Vine according to

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