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Fantasy Football More Than Just a Game

Every year, fantasy football takes over Boys’ Latin conversations during the football season. On a Monday morning, at every turn of the hallway, one could find himself in the midst of a heated discussion between opponents from the past weekend. Yet, fantasy football almost always involves a little more than bragging rights.

One league that involves more than bragging rights is Detrafi. Detrafi is the name of a league made by Ryan Spillman, who participates with some other kids from Boys’ Latin as well as kids from around his neighborhood. The league is ultra competitive.

Every year, if a participant isn’t paying attention to his team, or misses the playoffs, that person is punished by extortion from the league for the next year. Spillman said, “It makes the league a lot more competitive when you kick the worst person out.”  The winner receives a prize of $1,500 cash and a look-a-like of the Heisman Trophy with the individual’s name on it.

Heisman trophy

The real Heisman Trophy which the league Detrafi imitates for its Fantasy Football winner. Photo courtesy of Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports.

Another league that was ultra competitive was the Big Danks league run by Travis Smith. Smith said the league was competitive for all the wrong reasons. He added, “We made a loser prize everyone wanted to win.”

The loser’s prize is having to run around Hunt Valley in a T-rex costume. The winner of the loser’s prize was Bryce Atkinson. He didn’t start a QB once the whole year.

A league that played strictly for bragging rights, due to the inappropriate nature of facilitating under-age gambling, was Mrs. Mullally’s advisory which had an up and down season. Winston Chodnicki said, “No one cared about the league after the fourth week.” But, before week four, Chodnicki discussed how every advisory meeting would include arguments about fantasy football.

However, the arguments were short lived. “It wasn’t until the championship when Basil Aburn and Eli Schilling started arguing about it again.” The two even tried to make a bet about the championship game, however, the bet fell through and Schilling claimed bragging rights for the year.

Another League that was heated throughout was the RAM league run by Ethan McCann. This particular league had a terrible time keeping track of it’s $120 prize money. Tucker Booth said, “The first few weeks were great; every morning, Ethan would try to figure out the person who didn’t pay, and no one would claim who it was.”

He even talked about how he felt like the arguments fueled the league. “It felt like the hatred towards everyone else in the league grew week by week,” continued Booth.

The loser of this league had to do the unimaginable, the unthinkable, and that is serenade Mr. Mitchell in front of the Upper School here at Boys’ Latin. However, Booth said he’s very hesitant when thinking about the singing because the loser, McKenney Box, has refused to do so multiple times.

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