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New Community OutREACH Policy Beginning with Current Freshmen


A breakdown of the new Community OutREACH program. Courtesy of the Mr. MacDonald.


One of several reasons for the change is that 40 hours is less than typical at other schools. Mrs. Fenstermaker, one of the faculty members who lead the change, said that others schools expect 50-60 hours.

“The new community service program will address communication and organization skills as well,” said Fenstermaker.  Students will have to research and find an organization that they would like to work with. Once an organization is found, the student then must reach out to the organization and coordinate their time with them.

Having to talk and coordinate with people will help teach the students communication skills.  It will teach them organization because they need to plan in advance when they will be conducting their service hours.

Another reason for the change in policy is that the school wants the students to be more emotionally involved. Mrs. Digges, another one of the faculty members who led the change, said, “We felt that real service is rooted through relationship building and that by working with one organization for 40 hours, students will develop an emotional connection with that organization and its mission.”

Fenstermaker said the school still wants students to be active in the BL community, so the other 20 hours of service will have to be through BL sponsored events.  An example of this is helping to set up the walk for Cystic Fibrosis.

Digges also thinks that the new community service policy will give students “a leg up with regard to college recommendation letters, college essays and senior internships.”

The freshmen are indifferent to the change in the policy.  Freshman Tommy Ozonoff said “I feel like 40hours was enough. But I can understand why they changed the policy to 60.  They want us to help out around the community more.”

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