Rice Earns October Student-Athlete of the Month Through Survey



Rice sets up on the line waiting to run his route. Photo courtesy of SmugMug.


This past month was full of a jam-packed schedule of athletics for the Lakers of Boys’ Latin, which included even better individual performances. One individual in particular that caught the Boys’ Latin community’s eyes was Jamie Rice. Rice is a senior wide receiver on the varsity football team.

This year’s football team was supposed to be known for its running game, but that all changed with the emergence of the senior wide receiver. Rice finished the season second in receiving yards on the team with a total of 357 yards. “He gives everything he has all the time, plus he’s always putting in the extra time to get better,” said Patrick McDermott, one of Rice’s fellow classmates and teammates.

Rice led the team in receiving touchdowns with a total of four. This may not seem like a lot after 10 games. Yet, it was the timing and way Rice got the touchdowns that left the biggest impact on the community.

Rice’s first touchdown was a one-handed grab in the corner of the end zone against an A-conference team, Landon. Rice stretched his arm over the defender’s head in order to snag the ball out of mid-air with one hand. He scored a huge touchdown in order to tie the game up late, in the most spectacular fashion.

Rice seemed to make a play in every game that mattered. He stepped up late once again against an undefeated Severn squad.

Again, Rice made an unbelievable score at the most precise time. The Lakers were down by a touchdown late in the second half, but not until Rice found the end zone. Once again, Rice had beaten his cornerback to the outside only to come back and make the catch over-top of the defender!

It seemed Rice saved his best game for the biggest stage, the game against St. Paul’s. Even though the Lakers’ lost the game very handly, Rice was a highlight reel throughout the game. His only touchdown in the game was a 30-yard pass in which he caught the ball with one hand, blindly, over the top of the covering defender.

McDermott said, “Jamie is a really good football player who seems to make the clutch plays when we need them.” Rice isn’t just really good at football; he’s a really good teammate. Yet, it’s more about Jamie’s “attitude and effort” when talking with McKenney Box.

“Jamie is one of the guys who says less and does more,” said senior lineman Alex Houlachanka.

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