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Seniors Wrap Up November College Applications


Seniore Lunch

The class of 2018 pause to take a picture during their senior lunch. Courtesy of SmugMug.

As the month of November comes to an end, the senior class finished up one of the most important processes of their high school career: college applications. While the seniors applied to schools all over the country, they were also thinking of the school where they would spend the next four years of their life if admitted. Some students applied to one to three colleges while others applied to 10-15.

While some students want to go to the best academic institution they can, others focus on other aspects of schools such as sports, location, greek life, etc.

Francis Nnanna, a member of the senior class, applied to nine schools in the month of November. “I really want to go to a school in a city. Being able to engage with my college but also go to sports games and other social outings would be great in a city,” said Nnanna.

Schools Nnanna applied to include Ursinus College, Washington College, St. Joseph’s University, and Catholic University.

While the college application process is extremely important, difficulties arise for some students who need to balance applications with school and sports. Sports can take up to three to five hours for some students, consuming a large part of their day. November is also the transition month between fall and winter sports, so students also need to adjust to the different schedules provided by the teams.

Seniors applied for early action and regular decision deadlines during the month of November and early December. The main deadlines were November 1, 15, and will be December 1.

Andrew Robinson, one of three college counselors, monitored his student’s process by “helping them with their list, their applications, and the decision process from now through May.” Robinson also served as an advisor for the application’s supplemental essays, telling his students what to write about and how to write about their topic.

“The seniors have been very organized and well prepared; I think they have been doing very well this month,” said Robinson. Seniors applied to an average of five to six schools, some of which are on the Common Application or Coalition, which can link the student’s information rather than having to repeat the process multiple times for each individual school.

Robinson’s busiest week as a counselor was in the month of November since the November 1 and 15 deadlines are the most common days seniors applied. While he and Mrs. Badmington had to help students work on their applications, they also had to write letters of recommendation for each student to submit to their schools.

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