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Explorer’s Day, Reindeer Run Continues in Lower School

The lower school had their annual Explorer’s Day on November 16 and again on November 21 for a special visitor and Grandparent’s Day.

Explorer’s day has been a lower school tradition for decades now. “I can remember doing this 20 years ago with Mrs. Campbell!” said lower school teacher Mrs. Stephanie Lange, who is in charge of the event.

The event is fun for the lower schoolers and is a unique way for students to learn about the explorers of the world. The boys learn by gathering their own information about the explorer and sharing it with their classmates and teacher.

The explorer each student covered was assigned by the teacher followed by the boys collecting answers to the 5 WH questions such as “Who are they?” and “What did they do?” The boys also came to school in a costume representing their explorer when presenting the information they found.

The boys split up into groups consisting of three students and one teacher when presenting. “The boys become their explorer and answer questions from the teacher and even questions from the other boys,” said Mrs. Lange.

Visitor’s day is less structured and has been focused on the boys, in the costume, having conversations with their visitor and sharing some of their information. This is the day that each boy brought in a special guest such as a parent or grandparent in order to provide knowledge to this guest rather than to the teacher and fellow students. “The key is for them to stay in character and share their knowledge of the explorer,” said Mrs. Lange.

The lower school will also have its Reindeer Run on December 10 at 2:30 p.m. This event will happen on the middle school field located next to the cross country course, and the start and finish line will be the fire hydrant next to the baseball dugout. All parents and family members are welcome to watch or participate as a guest runner.

This event provides lower schoolers with information about fitness and the value of athletics. This is done by teaching students about the health of important organs in the body such as the heart and by keeping the students active as they each finish a mile of the cross country course.

The goal for these students is not to run and complete the task as quickly as possible but to finish the whole mile itself. “It’s an empowerment for a lot of these kids to reach a goal,” said Mr. Donald Rickels who will be in charge of the event. The event is a way for lower school students to feel confident in running while also giving them the benefit of accomplishing the goal.

“No matter what speed they run, if it’s walking, running, jogging, I want them to finish without stopping,” said Mr. Rickels who encourages each of his students to run with a positive attitude and strive to cross the finish line.

Learning about the heart is also an important part of the education of the event.

There is a set target heart rate goal of around 150 that Mr. Rickels believes each of his students can achieve. “The goal teaches them how to run, exercise, and keep their heart in shape while also staying determined to finish,” said Mr. Rickels. The core values of this event will also help students off the field as they will be taught to keep a positive attitude and be confident in themselves while also staying motivated.

“The students that have difficulty running will be paired with another student, teacher, or even upper school student to encourage them when they’re running,” said Mr. Rickels.

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