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November Brings Facial Hair for a Cause



Senior Ethan McCann proudly displays his beard for No Shave November.


When November approaches the Boys’ Latin campus, it’s not very hard to find students and faculty participating in No Shave November. The much anticipated month brings a variety of different types of facial hair designs ranging from beards all the way to mustaches. However, behind the facial hair is the main reason that brings the community together to participate in this event.

The money raised by the students who donate to participate in the event gets sent to a foundation researching men’s prostate cancer. While the reasoning behind the event is serious, the goofy facial hair that is grown becomes much more than just an everyday ritual for the students. Fellow Lakers Basil Auburn and Ethan McCann both agree that the competition is heavy between the upperclassmen, who seem to grow more facial hair, and the faculty who have a better advantage seeing as they are older.

Freshman Charlie Godin said, “It’s weird seeing all the juniors and seniors be able to grow so much facial hair. It almost looks like there are grown men walking around the hallways.” The beards seem to be growing more and more each day, and the chances of winning the event are getting slimmer.

Although the price may seem high for many of the students, the $20 donated to the cause seems to be well worth all the fun, as senior Joey Shortt said, “I think it’s meaningful that there is a reason behind this event. While it is fun to have competition among the students, it makes me feel a little better knowing that all the money raised is going toward a good cause.”

The faces of faculty around the campus are hard to go unnoticed as well. Some of the same faces appear almost every year in the competition such as Mr. Whitehair, Mr. Bailey, and Mr. Mitchell. However, new faces such as Mr. Howard said he’s enjoying the event as well as understanding that the month is important to the students and meaningful for those who feel its impact outside of the community.

For most students, winning the event seems to be a goal for one simple reason: the winner of the event gets to continue to grow his beard for a whole other month. The stakes are high and it will be hard to secure a winning spot.

The winner will be determined November 30 or December 1.


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