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Davis’ Marketing Boosts Chick-fil-A Sales


Davis Chickeen

Davis promoting his chicken biscuit sales. Photo courtesy of David Giordano.

For the last few years, walking into Boys’ Latin every Friday smelling hot and fresh Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits has become somewhat of a tradition for students in the upper school.

In past years, members of the junior class office have been in charge of leading the sales, and this year is no different. Led by juniors Myles Davis, Blake Shepherd and Ely Shilling, chicken biscuits sales have gone through the roof.

According to Davis and senior Brandon Kagen, who sold the biscuits last year, sales have increased by 50 sandwiches every Friday compared to last year.

Yet this change in sales should come as no surprise as this year, the junior class officers, specifically Davis, have used marketing as a tool to make sure everyone knows where and when chicken biscuits are being sold.

In an effort to improve sales, Davis recently created a comedic advertisement video that showed the creation of the chicken biscuit, which aired at lunch in front of the entire upper school.

He said the video “took about a week and a half to make” and that he had help from fellow classmate David Giordano with editing the video to make it look better. It became an instant hit within the BL community and received upwards of 300 views on YouTube.

However, Davis’ video is not his only form of advertising as he makes sure he sends out an email to the entire upper school Thursday night reminding them about sales the next morning.

Over the past few months, Davis has become the face of the chicken biscuit sales on Friday morning. However, for him, it’s not about the fame.

“I️ love seeing a smile on the faces of my fellow Lakers and staff.” Davis added, “And all the money made goes to helping pay for our prom.”

With his dedication and the effort he puts into his marketing, Davis has left a great impression on his fellow class officers.

“Myles is passionate and attentive with the things he likes to do, which makes him nice to work with,” said Shilling, “and I think he’s helped sales a lot with all the positive attention he has brought to selling the sandwiches.”

“His enthusiasm and care are what make him so great at his marketing,” added Shepherd.

Davis estimates that each Chick-fil-A Friday makes around $175, but these sales have been consistently increasing by the week with Davis’ advertisement video and emails.

All of the success in sales for these three does not come without some sort of a cost, as Davis, Shilling and Shepherd each forfeit close to a half hour of sleep each Friday morning to arrive at BL at 7:00 a.m. to sell the biscuits.

According to Davis, the process each Friday is fairly simple. Shepherd orders the biscuits, Shilling picks them up from Chick-fil-A, and they all meet at BL around 7:00 a.m. to prepare to sell the biscuits.

Each chicken biscuit sells for $3, and Davis is certain that the price is reasonable for students in the BL community.

“Considering what they pay for food down at the school store or at the cafeteria, we are a bargain. And more delicious,” Davis stated.

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