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Boys’ Latin Tradition Under Siege, Seniors Respond

The senior garden is a long-lasting tradition at Boys’ Latin where seniors have the privilege of spending their time on Lake Avenue. Boys’ Latin is a school that prides itself on the basis of “pride and tradition” like the senior garden and senior room, but some traditions have been shaken up this year. This year, BL removed a long lasting tradition in the BL senior room because of supposed safety reasons.

Underclassmen fear being hedged by the seniors and dream of the day to hedge for themselves. Administration and faculty have been cracking down on hedging, and there also have been rumors by students of teachers exploring the idea of making the senior garden a space for all students.

Making the senior garden a space for all isn’t a popular opinion among fellow classmates Connor Cadigan and Ryan Spilman as they both agreed that the senior garden should remain a senior privilege. Cadigan said, “Seniors are the head of the school. They deserve a place for themselves; they earned it.”

Longtime teacher and coach Butch Maisel has seen the senior garden change and develop throughout his tenure at BL and disagrees with the senior garden being open to all students. Maisel follows the tradition of the senior garden being only for seniors, as he said, “Traditionally, seniors were only allowed in the garden and everyone respected that rule.” He also stated that alumni get very upset when they hear rumors of making the senior garden a space for all.

Hedging has been a controversial topic for many years that never seems to be settled. Seniors throw underclassmen into the hedges if they enter the garden as a punishment for not following the rule of the senior garden. Administration tries their hardest to prevent hedging, but seniors every year seem to ignore the faculty’s demands to stop hedging.

This year, seniors used the senior garden to its full potential adding Spikeball and KanJam to relax and have fun during the school day. Senior Scott Shuster said he enjoys Spikeball and being with his friends in the garden. These games make the senior garden something to look forward to when the underclassmen become seniors, as Cadigan said, “I like it; it seems fun with Spikeball.”

The Boys’ Latin senior garden stands as a staple in the community as a place for seniors to spend their dwindling time on Lake Avenue. The controversy surrounding the garden may never end, but the positivity and tradition of the senior garden will never fade.



The senior garden on a lovely fall afternoon.


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