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Students Recognize Grade-Level Stereotypes are True


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Students prepare for a thrilling class around Mr. Freihofer’s table.


Many Boys’ Latin students agree that the general stereotypes about each grade level are factual.

When freshmen first come into the upper school, they tend to be somewhat taken aback by the workload at first.  Coming from a middle school environment where most students are more guided through their homework and assignments, the more independent work is generally the largest struggle for freshmen.  Most freshmen are able to overcome this first obstacle reasonably quickly.  

The amount of free time is also surprising to the freshmen. “The biggest difference between last year and this year is the amount of free time I have.  This has allowed me to go to the learning center during school to get help with all of my work,” said freshman Tommy Ozonoff.  

The most common area where freshmen opinions vary is how they feel about high school sports. “I enjoy the high school sports more than middle school sports because it is much more intense.  However, I can see why some students would not enjoy the raised level of competition and would much rather just play stress-free,” said freshmen AJ Hernandez.

When it comes to sophomores, the increased workload is a common stress for everyone who has made the jump from freshman to sophomore year at BL.  Senior Patrick McDermott went as far as to say, “Sophomore year killed my overall GPA.  The sudden change in the amount of work really caught me off guard and I struggled a lot.”

Current sophomore Blake Gable agreed with McDermott. “I think the first quarter I was a little complacent with my work.  Last year, I was able to get Dean’s List three times, but in this first quarter, I was only able to get honor roll.  The first quarter was really a wake up call for me on how much more difficult this year is going to be,” said Gable.  

Almost all junior class members feel the same way about their year so far and that they are taken aback by how fast high school has gone for them.  A lot of the junior class members feel like it’s weird that they are considered upperclassmen now.

Junior Winston Chodniki said, It has been such a reminder as how quickly time goes by and really shows me how much I appreciate every day I get to spend here.”

Junior year also comes with an increased leadership role as they are finally on the older side of the four grades. “Being an upperclassman is different as you now notice the respect the underclassmen give you automatically and the increased level of responsibility you have as a leader,” said junior Harold Lloyd.

A majority of the senior class members surprisingly felt the same about the topic of senioritis. The fact the seniors have such a strong feeling of senioritis contradicts what the juniors said about how time flies here at Boys’ Latin.  

Brandon Kagen, one of the student body leaders, said, “Senioritis is 100% real as I have not spent my time as efficiently as I would have liked to during the first quarter.  While I get all my work done, I tend to procrastinate until the last minute.”  Some students like Kagen feel the decline in motivation as this is the last year of their high school career.

Fellow senior Scott Shuster took senioritis to a whole new level, stating, “I’ve had senioritis for two years now.”  Shuster is going on his fifth year of high school which is one more than the average high school student.  Senioritis is alive and well through the majority of the senior class.

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