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Students Question if Their Voices Are Heard



Student voices were heard in the creation of the BL vs. St. Paul’s football game t-shirts. The design was created by seniors Ryan Hurley and Jack Lange. Photo courtesy of SmugMug.


Do Boys’ Latin student voices really matter? Are student voices really being heard by the class leaders, the triumvirate, and administration on topics such as Homecoming and Spirit Week? Has Boys’ Latin become more of a dictatorship where only a few opinions are heard or is it still a democracy?

Questions such as these are leading students to wonder if their opinions are being taken into consideration when student leaders act. Although the faculty, student leaders, and triumvirate claim that the opinions of students are an important factor in their decisions, some students feel as if their opinions aren’t being heard. On the topic of Homecoming, students on the hockey team feel as if the student leaders and triumvirate are ignoring their pleas to change the date of homecoming because of their game.

Some students on the team are even going as far to say they will boycott Homecoming because they feel no one is listening to them. Varsity hockey player Travis Smith said that he feels almost as if his opinion along with his teammates’ were ignored because they are not a main sport. He even questions, “Well why wasn’t the game scheduled on a basketball game night or a wrestling meet night? Because there are two members of the basketball team and one wrestling team member in the triumvirate which makes this biased.”

Many students believe that little planning goes into these kinds of BL events, but student leaders and the triumvirate both state that planning these events takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate with the schedules of sports games and other things. Jack Lange, one of the senior student leaders, summed up that the planning of events is more than just picking a day, it’s figuring out how many games are that day, what other events are going on that day, and any other outside events that could affect how many kids attend.

While conversations are swirling how the passing ideas and opinions from student leaders to the administration can improve, junior Alex Stengel said, “Give the leaders more say over the administration; they are just marionettes meant to make the administration and the school look good and they aren’t much else from my view. They are just there to go ‘look at our innovative leadership ideas’ and try to manipulate someone into the school. They give us ‘freedom’ by taking off the chain and putting a fence of the same distance around us.”

In regard to Spirit Week, the overwhelming consensus among students is that 51.7% of the upper school rated this Spirit Week being a one (an utter disappointment) or two out of five (a total success), while only 23.8% of student rated it a four or five.

So what is being done behind the scenes to ensure that student voices are being heard?

Some students believe that the student leaders and triumvirate are working hard to listen to students and appeal to everyone.  Jyair Thomas said, “Our student leaders are doing a pretty good job; I feel like when it comes to school events such as Homecoming and Spirit Week I feel they could be a little better planned and hear what students really want.”

On the other hand, Travis Smith said, “The nitty-gritty details are whats not being heard. We wanted Homecoming earlier in the year and they [student leaders, triumvirate, and faculty] flat out tell us no and won’t give us an explanation.”

Stengel said, “Unless you are part of a certain, almost exclusive, group of opinions, you are not going to be heard.”

Some students suggest improving communication could be through their opinions being directly communicated to the faculty such as Mr. Howard or Mr. Mitchell. While some believe their opinions aren’t being shared by their leaders, some students believe that there should be a special committee that hears these opinions and directs them to the student leaders or faculty to ensure everyones’ opinion is heard.

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