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Annual Holiday Tree Sale is Back at Boys’ Latin

The holidays are here once again, and handful of Boys’ Latin students are taking part in the tradition of selling holiday trees!


IMG_0735 (1)

The festive collection box waits in the upper school lobby to be filled with tree and wreath orders.


Every year during the annual Bull Roast in November and the first week of December, a small group of Boys’ Latin seniors operate the Holiday Tree Sale. This year, Jack Lange, Hunter Isaac, and Ryan Hurley, the student body leaders, are the select students who are partaking in this tradition.

So far, the tree sales have been a success.

“We sold about $2,500 worth of trees at the Bull Roast and had some pre-orders ready to go, so I thought it was pretty effective. Our goal is to sell about $10,000 worth of trees and wreaths, and I would say that we are definitely on the right track,” stated Isaac.

So, why do these seniors sell the trees?

The reasoning behind selling the trees to the people in the community is to earn money for the junior and senior class prom. The money helps contribute to the payment of where the prom takes place and all of the merchandise at the prom. Without the Christmas tree sale, Boys’ Latin would not be able to afford the costly prom which includes a dance at The Center Club and an after party at Dave & Busters.

In past years, the seniors usually have sold about 20 to 30 trees, but the seniors this year have larger ambitions. Lange, Isaac, and Hurley want to sell a minimum of 60 trees! These ambitious seniors want to provide a luxurious and enjoyable prom for the students of Boys’ Latin.

Lange stated, “Even though I don’t get community service hours for it, I am still excited to take part in the tradition. This tradition has been going on for years now in the BL community, and I want to be one of the seniors who take part in it. In the past, I loved seeing the seniors dressing up as reindeer and running around the parking lot.”


IMG_0736 (1)

The simple order form used to purchase holiday wreaths and trees.

Jack Godin, who is a current senior at Boys’ Latin, stated, “I’ve bought the trees from BL for the past three years, and I always enjoy the friendly service from the seniors. They’re usually dressed up as reindeer, and they put me in a holiday spirit. I was easily able to buy a tree again this year, and hopefully, I will be able to come back every year after I graduate to buy these trees.”


Hopefully, the seniors will achieve their goal of earning $10,000 of profits for the junior and senior prom, and they believe that they are definitely on track. The wreaths will cost $15 to $45, while the trees will cost $60 to $80.

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