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Annual Bull Roast Brings Diverse Crowd

On November 18, 2017, Boys’ Latin held the 58th Annual Bull and Oyster Roast.  The event took place inside of the Gelston Athletic Center on a Saturday night, where hundreds of individuals gathered to mingle with some familiar faces while individuals enjoyed some wonderfully catered food and beverages.

This year’s event separated itself from the past.  With the hiring of a new catering crew, guests were greeted with some exceptional food options, such as an oyster bar.

Many individuals were very pleased with the switch.  Mrs. Bobbie Lutterman, a parent of a current Boys’ Latin student, stated that “the food was absolutely delicious and better than prior years.”

The Bull Roast is home to many different activities and opportunities.  Everything from auctions to Christmas tree sales, to art displays, there is something for everyone.

The event was very crowded with individuals of all ages.  The fan-favorite activity was the bacon spinner.  This is where an individual put money on a number, and if the spinner landed on that number the individual would receive a large pack of thick cut bacon.

Whether it was looking at what was up for auction, gambling to win five pounds of bacon, or just socializing with old and new friends, the Bull Roast did not disappoint.  The event has always been one of Boys’ Latin’s biggest fundraisers, and with the help of some new faces, another year of successful fundraising was obtained.

Mr. Taylor Stothoff, a new faculty member at Boys’ Latin, stated that the Bull Roast “reconnects old relationships and engages with new ones.”  The fun-filled event has been the home to alumni, parents, families, and current students.  It is a great time for the Boys’ Latin community to get together and foster the tightly knit brotherhood that is in existence.

Mr. Brian Farrell, the current lacrosse coach at Boys’ Latin was in attendance and stated the people you see, is his favorite part of the event.

Boys’ Latin is committed to creating an up-to-date environment with different opportunities for students.  The Bull Roast is one of the most important events that attribute to that goal.

The fundraiser embodies everything that is special about Boys’ Latin.  It speaks about the community that Boys’ Latin has.

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