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Varsity Athlete Ubriacco Opens Up About Desire to Sing

Boys’ Latin’s Michael Ubriacco is more commonly known for his competitive nature and stunning athletic abilities, but light deserves to be shed on a different side of Ubriacco, one which is not commonly known: his love of singing.

Everyone copes with strenuous workloads in different ways, and for Ubriacco, this includes shooting on his lacrosse goal, watching sports, and most notably, singing.

While his first year at Boys’ Latin was in kindergarten, Ubriacco left and attended St. Paul’s until the third grade when he returned to BL with his father who became a teacher in the middle school. Now a senior, he has been a varsity athlete and regular honor roll student, making Ubriacco a very well rounded student at Boys’ Latin.

The Ubriacco family has several connections to the musical arts. His father had once been in a small band and is currently a member of the middle school chorus, and his older sister Emma is involved with theater and singing as well. Given he liked to casually sing and his family’s background in vocals, it may come as a surprise that Ubriacco never participated in the chorus at Boys’ Latin’s Middle School, but he countered with, “I was pretty self-conscious about my voice…I was way too shy.”

As a varsity athlete who spends many hours on the field in front of hundreds, it is expected that stage fright would be the last thing that held Ubriacco back from performing. Ubriacco stated, “I feel a lot more comfortable in my abilities on the lacrosse field, whereas with singing, I have never done it in front of a big crowd.”

One of Ubriacco’s close friends, Tucker Booth, described him as a crazy and energetic person who loves to sing when around family and friends. While Booth could not necessarily see Ubriacco performing in a chorus, he certainly confirmed stories that Ubriacco can be very vocal when with close friends.

One might expect an outgoing person like Ubriacco to express his love of singing to others around him, but he has done otherwise. Regardless of his abilities, Ubriacco’s more musical side is an interesting piece of his personality which is not well known by many of his fellow peers.

Ubriacco was gracious enough to speak about his experiences at BL and share new sides to his personality. The small class sizes and communal atmosphere of the school are a large part of what makes Boys’ Latin a successful school in his eyes, and with having his father as a teacher and coach, Ubriacco has deep ties with all aspects of the school. Like most other high school students, Ubriacco manages a busy schedule of homework and athletics, leaving him very little free time after a long drive of 50 minutes from school to Severna Park.

On the surface, Ubriacco appears to be a varsity athlete who had the ability to perform under any stressful situation encountered on the lacrosse field. The reality of it all is that Ubriacco held many more talents than what he shows on the field, and his singing is a testament to his talents.

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