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Student-athlete Redefines Masculinity with Sensitivity

A senior at Boys’ Latin explained his journey to a new school and a unique personality. JP Barbeau is not a typical student.  He started attending Boys’ Latin as a sophomore when he moved from Kansas and immediately made his mark on the school and the students around him.  

Barbeau stated that he came to BL “because of the premier lacrosse program.” Barbeau plays three sports at BL, which include football, hockey, and lacrosse. What most people do not know is he also swam and played basketball and baseball before coming to Maryland.

Actually, there are a lot of things about Barbeau that most people do not know. Coming from Kansas, Barbeau has lived with multiple families during his time in Maryland, including the McDermott’s. Patrick McDermott, a senior, stated that “JP is very different at home than he is at school.”  

Mr. Butch Maisel, a teacher at Boys’ Latin, has also come to know Barbeau very well as Barbeau currently lives with Mr. Maisel’s son.  Mr. Maisel made it apparent that “JP is very caring.”  In fact, Barbeau has become very good friends with Mr. Maisel’s granddaughter.  

Mr. Maisel explained that JP often reads to Mr. Maisel’s granddaughter. The athletic, rowdy, and intelligent student that most of his peers know actually has another side to him. This side can be seen through different people and possessions that play a large role in his life.  

Someone that recently has meant significant amounts to Barbeau is his Uncle Brian, who is a role model for him. Unfortunately, Barbeau’s uncle suffered a terrible accident and in Barbeau’s words was “battling every day to get better.”

Barbeau still visits Kansas four to five times a year and explained that he does miss his hometown. However, he has enjoyed his time in Maryland, especially Annapolis which is his favorite place in Maryland.

Barbeau plans in the near future to “go to college, get rich, and live life dank.”  Barbeau does not know where he will be attending college next year, but he has a couple of options. He stated, “Ideally, without playing a sport, I’d love to go to Clemson, but with playing lacrosse, I’d like to go to Queen’s University.”

Barbeau has a plan to move to Charlotte after college.  And with his love for math and school, he believes he could at some point be a general manager of a sports team.

Sports have played a large part in Barbeau’s life. He believes that his outgoing personality will allow him to be a successful general manager.  

Although Barbeau will not comment on which state he likes more between Maryland and Kansas, he did comment on how much he loves his car. Barbeau drives a silver Jeep Wrangler and considers it his most prized possession. Barbeau’s car reminds him of home every time that he sees the Kansas license plates on it.  

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