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Robinson Thrives in Classroom, Athletics

At a school like Boys’ Latin, it can be tough to do well in the classroom. Adding all AP and honors classes makes it even harder. Adding multiple sports and a club to that seems like an impossible task to most.

David Robinson has been working hard and pushing himself in the classroom for four straight years at Boys’ Latin. During his time at BL, Robinson has only taken honors classes along with nine AP’s. Robinson’s reason for taking such challenging courses is that he wants to “challenge himself and prepare for college.”

Robinson truly thrives in the classroom. “David likes to have a good time but takes his school work very seriously as well. He puts a lot of work and effort into the work he turns in,” said Mrs. Rodriguez, Robinson’s AP Physics I and II teacher. She continued, “He is a good student getting solid grades.”

What allows Robinson to do well in school is his ability to comprehend the tough material.

Robinson is not the only one that benefits from his smarts, but his classmates do as well.  “David was a tremendous help in physics. Whenever I was confused about something, I would go see David and he would explain it to me,”  said Daniel Norman, Robinson’s lab partner.

“My favorite class has been AP physics I because of all of the labs and how it is all about visual learning.”

What makes Robinson special is his ability to do well in school while participating in extracurriculars.

In the winter, when Robinson is not playing any sports, he is the student leader of the mock trial club. Robinson said that he spends approximately an hour a day working on mock trial. However, mock trial is not the only extracurricular activity he participates in.

The other extracurricular activities that Robinson participates in are volleyball and baseball. Robinson plays both of these at the varsity level.

Robinson has been playing baseball for essentially his whole life. It is the most important extracurricular activity to him. Robinson said that he has loved baseball ever since he was young and that baseball is his favorite activity he does after school.

Volleyball, on the other hand, is just something Robinson does on the side just for fun, but that does not mean he doesn’t care about winning.  “David can sometimes get mad on the court; he just really wants to win and gets mad when he messes up,” says Kenneth Lewis, Robinson’s volleyball teammate. Lewis continued, “Robinson lifts the team up with his positive attitude and makes everyone around him play better.”

Robinson participating in sports has not come without injuries.

In a volleyball game against Loyola, Robinson was hit in the face with the ball very hard. This lead to Robinson being diagnosed with a concussion and missing two days of school. However, this injury has not deterred Robinson from continuing to play volleyball.

Robinson attended middle school at Cambridge School in Pikesville, Maryland. Robinson’s academic success in middle school got him accepted to most of the top private schools in the Baltimore area. He chose to attend Boys’ Latin over other schools because of the sense of community that he felt here.

During the week when Robinson is not doing schoolwork or playing sports, he is hanging out with his younger sister, Whitney.  Robinson says that he is very close to his sister and likes to value his family time.

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