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Agbaje’s Technological Talents go Beyond the Yearbook

Working with technology has come naturally to Boys’ Latin senior Paul Agbaje, but one might not know about his dedication to the school’s yearbook.

Agbaje has served as the graphic designer for Boys’ Latin’s yearbook since he was a sophomore at the school. However, many do not know that he is one of the leading reasons why the yearbook looks so clean and well put together.  “The good work just speaks for itself and as long as I can do my best and just put it out there, it doesn’t matter if it benefits me as much as it benefits others,” said Agbaje who feels no need to give himself any credit.

The yearbook class which Agbaje represents is responsible for all of the great detail students will see such as perfectly edited school photos, team photos, and descriptions of such students and teams. A job well done deserves proper credit, but the work is hard to see when all of the yearbook’s mistakes have been fixed so perfectly. “A lot of guys are photoshopped in that you didn’t pick up on,” said Agbaje, doing the best work he can to make sure the yearbook’s photos look pristine.

Agbaje’s skills are just one half of it with the other being his dedication. “When I give him work, he always asks if there’s anything else,” said Derrick Thomas, the teacher of the yearbook class and mentor to Agbaje.

This dedication is also seen by classmates like Ryan Hurley, who serves as the yearbook editor, and works hand in hand with Agbaje. He describes Agbaje as somebody who follows detail closely in order to make sure everything looks perfect.

Aside from his career in yearbook, Agbaje also uses his knowledge of technology to produce music. Ever since the 7th grade, Agbaje has used computers and software he learned himself to create music electronically. “He makes some fire beats; he’s very good with sound quality,” said Ryan Hurley.

Agbaje relates this interest in music to his passion for other technologies in saying “music is another sect of technology and a certain sect helps you learn another.”  Building and programming computers have actually helped him with sound design as the two correlate with each other in the most basic sense.

Agbaje’s musical influence comes from many famous modern musicians such as Travis Scott and those associated with his mixtape “Days Before Rodeo.” He listens to these musicians carefully and uses their music as his inspiration to produce unique sounds and beats.

“I feel like these days the sound is very easily reproduced and those musicians embody what isn’t that,” said Agbaje, who admires these musicians for their hard and edgy sound.

Much of the equipment Agbaje uses, such as studio monitors, keyboards, microphones, rack equipment and many other essential materials, comes from his father. “It made it convenient to be my hobby,” he said. This equipment helped him learn the technology at home.

Motivation from his older brother has also helped him stay focused on his path. “He has pretty tough skin, everything just pretty much bounces off of him, and he just stays on the path he intends to until he gets what he wants done,” Agbaje said.

Agbaje has a hard work ethic, always managing to get his job done, and to do it as carefully and detailed as he can. He continues to learn new technology every day, which increases his intellect and experience. “I’m not as good as I want to be and I tell myself I need to get better,” so he can keep on learning as well as work hard.

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