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Deven Smith Defines Boys’ Latin Student Role

Involving himself in a community with an energetic atmosphere had always been what he dreamt of finding. A leader of the diversity club, model student, and fashion entrepreneur are traits that have allowed him to make a name for himself at The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland.

When Deven Smith explored his options for future schools after his elementary years at Ridgely, what made him choose Boys’ Latin was the feeling of welcomeness that the school bestowed upon him. Smith explained, “As a whole, I felt welcomed. St Paul’s didn’t really welcome me or talk to me, and when I came here, students immediately started talking to me.”   

When Smith began his career at Boys’ Latin, he immediately became heavily involved with the school’s extracurricular activities. Smith has played a key role in the diversity club as Mrs. Tubman stated, “We don’t have really official leaders, but he is definitely someone who would take the lead of important discussions.”  

“He brings both a positive side to him, but he also has his own opinion; he thinks about things and cares about things, and he knows what is right but also can connect with others,” Tubman added.

Smith always makes sure to take care of others inside and outside of the community. He is involved in a youth group outside of school, and he feels the need to expand his knowledge to outsiders as well.

Smith’s role model, whom he follows and strives to be like is, Kanye West.  21 award-winning grammy artist and multi-million album selling genius Kanye West is most definitely a man who has succeeded in life, and Smith strives to accomplish a life as meaningful and powerful as West. Similarly to Kanye West, Smith finds an interest in fashion.

Well-known brands such as Supreme, Off-White, and Montclair are all high-end fashion brands Smith closely follows during his time off from work and student assignments.

Smith has never followed fashion alone as he said, “I follow it mainly with my friend Kaleb since he’s an artist himself and he wants to work on designing a pair of Air Force 1’s with me.” The brand Nike has for years now dedicated themselves to designing and evolving the Air Force 1, and Smith has dreams to possibly help the billion dollar company in creating the next big shoe.

While it is true many involved in The Boys’ Latin community fall short of knowing Smith’s true interest in fashion, Ms. Tubman’s thoughts on Smith’s idea of fashion were enthusiastically stated: “He has a liveliness and appreciation for the world, so I could definitely see that.”

Although fashion is one of his most sparked interests, he also sees himself pursuing engineering in his college years. “Fashion is more of a hobby. When it comes to college, I’m interested in engineering possibly,” said Smith.

Little is known about Smith’s fashion hobby, but much can be said about his academic credibility at Boys’ Latin, and engineering would be no hard task for such a well-rounded student.

Nonetheless, he sees himself moving to the Pacific coast in the future and said, “I mean probably California is my first choice, maybe Texas, but I’m not sure.” With the probability of fashion design and engineering in Smith’s future, California seems like the right fit for a man of his stature.  

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