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Smith’s Spirit Recognizable, Contagious

There are many student-athletes at Boys’ Latin but there’s really one who stands out with his enthusiastic words and his compassionate heart. Having so much compassion in an advanced high school is difficult with juggling the rigorous coursework and the intensity of sports, so keeping a cool head is not an easy task. There is always one person, who no matter what is always smiling, laughing and keeping everyone’s hopes high; his name is Travis Lewis Smith.

Smith currently plays hockey and baseball at BL and loves both for different reasons. He said, “I love playing hockey, but watching baseball,” as hockey is the sport he would pursue if he were to make it athletically in college. Sports have been a major part of his life, and he’s been in love with it ever since he was a toddler, he explained.

Hockey to Smith is like candy to a baby. He loves the game, his team and the whole environment of the sport. As this is his senior year, he has already begun his journey to becoming a great leader by stepping up and making this season one to remember. An attempt was made to interview a Boys’ Latin hockey coach but did not happen before this article was published.

While sports is a great part of Smith’s life, this does not define who he is as a person. Smith’s motto about compassion when it comes to friends and family is to put the thoughts of others before his own while keeping tension low and spirits high. He believes that connections are precious and need to be cherished and nourished.

Max Mygatt, one of Smith’s best friends for many years, described him as someone who he “can go talk to and he will make you feel better,” and “is always there whenever I need help.” Smith’s warmth and love for his friends intensify as the years continue as he will always have a place in his heart for his brothers.

Smith is a person who loves life with the personal connections he has made at BL and feels bittersweet to leave it.

He stated, “Change is hard to get through for me; leaving this place which I’m so passionate about is going to definitely hurt, so I try to live my senior year to the fullest because I know eventually all of this is going to be gone.” He cares so much for his community by displaying his strong charismatic emotions toward everyone in his day to day routine.

Spirited is a word that is used to describe a cheerleader and is perfect to describe the type of person Smith is because he is passionate about everything that he does. This energy stems from his father who as a child did not have much, so whatever he had he grasped onto; according to Smith, that is how he wants to go through life. He strongly supports everything he believes in and is not afraid to fight for his passions like his hometown or his baseball team, he described.

As Smith grows up, he would like to focus on the present. He has avoided the idea of college as he understands it is a big step in life and is “more nervous than excited” to face this new experience. However, he knows he is ready to face this new challenge head-on but fearful of the adjustment in his life from his loving community at Boys’ Latin.

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