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New Assistant-Head of Upper School Talks About Transition to BL

Mr. Howard, the new Assistant Head of the Upper School, is still navigating through the transition to Boys’ Latin.  Many students at Boys’ Latin still are unfamiliar faces to Mr. Howard, and he is working hard to address those relationships.  

Coming from the Kiski School, an all-boys boarding school in Pennsylvania, Mr. Howard is familiar with the atmosphere of boys’ schools and believes he knows how to establish criteria for success.  

On the surface, students have categorized the change from previous Co-Head Mr. Franklin to Mr. Howard as different and hard.  Mr. Franklin moved on from the Boys’ Latin community after the 2016-17 school year to take a job at Landon.  

Although the change has been difficult for some, Randy Cockrell, a junior at Boys’ Latin, stated that his first impression of Mr. Howard was that “he is nice and appears to want what is best for the community.”  Mr. Howard has admitted that the change from his previous school to Boys’ Latin has been “different, but exciting and good.”  

What many people don’t know about Mr. Howard is he is very interested in birds of prey, such as eagles and hawks. Mr. Howard also is a devoted EPL soccer fan. Mr. Howard loves to coach and played soccer and lacrosse for most of his childhood.

Mr. Howard believes that Boys’ Latin is a “great school and have their hearts in the right place and are forward thinkers.”  Forward thinking was one of the aspects Mr. Howard was most attracted to when applying at Boys’ Latin.  

Another thing about Boys’ Latin that Mr. Howard really enjoyed was the opportunity to be an assistant head of an upper school.  Mr. Howard has been around the education system since he was very young as his mother was a teacher.  The chance to move up in the rankings of a school really grabbed Mr. Howard’s attention.

Mr. Howard graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Mitchell, the Head of the Upper School at Boys’ Latin, stated that Mr. Howard is, “thoughtful and a very good listener.”  These qualities lend well to the position he has assumed as he has many interactions with students on a daily basis.  

Mr. Mitchell believes that the transition from two co-heads to having a single head and an assistant has been “different and more traditional.”  Mr. Mitchell believes that Mr. Howard is very qualified and has already done a great job thus far into the school year.

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