Multiple Injuries Affect Boys’ Latin Football Team


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The BL offensive line faces off with the Severn defensive line. Photo courtesy of Varsity Sports Network.


A myriad of Boys’ Latin student-athletes were injured in the Boys’ Latin football game against Severn School.

On October 14, 2017, the Boys’ Latin football team had a conference game against Severn school during the BL Fall Fest. The game was just as exciting as every game Boys’ Latin had this season, however, the football team was unable to grasp a win against the undefeated Severn school. The Lakers, who are 5-4 on the season, were devastated when they lost 27-21 to the Admirals, but the football team did not only lose the game.

There were multiple season-ending injuries for some Boys’ Latin athletes, including McKenney Box and JP Barbeau. Furthermore, Riley McGraw, Connor Walsh, and Sean Lezcano were put on the injury report for minor injuries, including a sprained ac joint, bruised back, and a tight hamstring.

In the third quarter, Box, who plays outside linebacker and is a vital part of the team’s defense, approached and lowered his shoulder to tackle a Severn running back. He made the tackle, however, when he stood up to his feet, he noticed that something was wrong with his knee.

Box explained, “I got hurt in the third quarter. I was coming up to make a tackle, and my knee bent the wrong way. I later found out that I partially tore my MCL.”

After Box’s injury, Shelly Pruett, Boys’ Latin’s athletic trainer, immediately helped him by carting him off the field and into the trainer’s room.


Box receives medical attention after sustaining an injury. Photo courtesy of BL Smugmug

“McKenney had a grade two MCL sprain. I initially assessed the injury right after it occurred, then I determined whether or not he could return to the game. Since he was unable to return to the game, I had McKenney ice his knee, and I later gave him crutches and set him up with an appointment with a doctor,” explained Pruett.

Similar to Box, Barbeau is a vital part of the defensive line who also experienced a season-ending injury. The starting defensive end, who acts as a conventional leader for the team, experienced an avulsion fracture in his left foot after making a tackle in the first quarter.

After talking with the athletic trainer, Barbeau was unable to return to the game against Severn and was ultimately ruled out for the season. Although the defensive end was able to walk to the trainer’s room, Pruett hypothesized that he had a sprain or broken foot, so she scheduled an appointment for an X-ray the next day.

Ritchie Schell, the head coach of the football team, and Pruett both stated that the football team had experienced the most injuries as a fall sport thus far. Both agreed that the depth of the football team is falling short with the loss of Box and Barbeau, but they were both happy that the athletes are mentally healthy.

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