“Leading Ladies” Cast Performs Successful Senior Night

The play “Leading Ladies” performed in the Sheridan Theater on October 24th was a spectacular showing of this comedic production. The senior night showcased not only tremendous acting but passion and support by fellow Boys’ Latin students for their brothers.

Leading Ladies_011

Mr. Marshall, Mrs. Molling, and Carson Rehfield smiling for Senior Night.

Boys’ Latin’s plays are chosen by two co-directors Mr. Marshall and Mrs. Molling who decided this year to display acting in a different style rarely expressed in previous years at BL.

This comedic play starred Carson Rehfield and Ely Shilling who did a terrific job portraying both men and women in this showing of “Leading Ladies,” along with the acting of the other actors and actresses who Mrs. Molling was “exceedingly pleased” with “by feeding off of the audience’s good vibes to amp themselves up.” Productions are not easy to put together and comedies are sometimes more difficult in that it takes more than just words to portray the comedic aspect of the play.

All of the actors and actresses cast in this did an outstanding job in their roles and were cast perfectly said Mrs. Molling. This play helped many students express themselves and also “build relationships with different schools” and connect with others they usually would not interact with, Walker Campbell explained. These productions allow for many people show their skills in a different way than the traditional sports aspect in the community.

Leading Ladies_017

The actors preparing to end their first showing of the play.

This fall production comedy took more practice and effort by many of the crew members who not only had to memorize lines and parts but learn how to convey their emotions in such a way that humored the audience. Carrington Scott, a BL community leader and senior, said he “always respects the play members in a way because they don’t play a sport but that doesn’t not make them cool.”

The first showing of “Leading Ladies” was senior night, and many seniors come and show their support for fellow classmates. The class of 2018 made it widely known how much they care for their friends.

The play had one BL senior, Rehfield, who has acted in BL plays ever since the 8th grade. The class of 2018 supported Rehfield and his compatriots as if they were athletes in a football game with cheers, chanting, and topping it off with bass drumming.

Each member expressed his full talents and acting capabilities in this production and that was very apparent with the feedback from the audience. Every catcall, gasp, laugh and cheer reaffirmed how well each individual carried out his role to this very comedic play.

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