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Lakers Share Their Unique Commutes

Photo by Dorsey Boyle

Here at Boys’ Latin, the community has many shared experiences and feelings, one of them being the daily commute to and from school. Faculty and students alike must embark from their homes every day and brave the uncertainties of rush hour traffic.

According to Index Mundi, an online statistics program, the average commute time in Maryland is 32 minutes, which is slightly higher than New York with 31.6 minutes. Living in the state with the longest average commute time in the nation certainly shows when speaking to members of the BL community.

Michael Ubriacco, a senior at Boys’ Latin, recently moved from Lutherville to Severna Park, 21 miles from the school. Ubriacco usually leaves his house at 6:40 a.m., spending about 45 minutes driving up to Boys’ Latin, which is a drastic change from when it used to take him just 10 minutes. Despite living much further away, he only wakes up 15 minutes earlier than he did when living in Lutherville.

Ubriacco made it clear that he dislikes the long drive to school, saying, “I absolutely hate the drive.” If the commute to school is bad, then the commute back to his house is downright painful because he leaves BL during the height of rush hour. “It could take me an hour or an hour and 20 minutes if I leave right in rush hour,” and he uses that long time on the road listening to music and planning out his homework assignments. 

A student like Ubriacco dreads his agonizing commute, and faculty face the struggles of long car rides as well. Derrick Thomas, the Upper School Technology Coordinator, experiences a long commute from Glen Burnie to Lake Avenue, which takes roughly 40 minutes. Thomas enjoys using the commute to listen to the news, music, or just talking to his son, Mattheu.

Thomas understands the commute can be frustrating at times, but he also said that “it’s downtime for me, you know, just to relax.”  For the ride home from BL, Thomas must endure one hour on the chaotic roads leading to Glen Burnie. Maryland’s reputation of long commute times fits perfectly with the accounts of Ubriacco and Thomas, but for one student, the long commute is nothing but a short walk.

Being the son of the headmaster, Matt Post has the unique experience of living on campus, giving him the shortest commute of anyone at BL. Post spends about five minutes walking from his home to the doors of the upper school, but Post admits that “it’s short, but somehow always feel like it’s the longest time ever.”

When the weather turns for the worst, Post still manages to walk across the bridge and complete his unusual commute. Post explained, “When it’s snowing, I just wear my duck boots and climb up the hill.” Whether it’s rain, snow, wind, or hail, Post can be seen walking up the grassy hill next to the bridge, heading to first period.

The students and faculty are bonded by miles driven to and from school. While most people dread the traffic and long hours, there is something to be told about the daily commutes in people’s lives. No matter who a person is in the BL community, they all experience the same struggle of getting to and from campus.

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