Kaepernick Still Seeks Opportunity to Play in NFL


Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick warming up during a game. Photo Courtesy of The Mercury News.

The NFL quarterback who started protests among players to kneel during the anthem says teams colluded not to sign him.


Controversy continues in the NFL as players are still protesting during the national anthem. Americans around the country and even the president seek to stop these protests as they have sparked national controversy. However, the NFL’s players believe that the first step in stopping these protests is to sign free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

According to ESPN, Kaepernick, 29, has had a successful career with the San Francisco 49ers throwing 16 touchdowns and rushing for two in 2016. Since then, he has been virtually inactive in the league. After his deal with San Francisco expired, Kaepernick still remains an unsigned free agent this year, even though there are many teams in the league who could use his talent to boost their offense.

A team that could use Kaepernick to its advantage is the Arizona Cardinals who will now lose their starting quarterback Carson Palmer for eight weeks due to a broken arm. Although it would be beneficial, the Cardinals still refuse to take a 3rd roster quarterback. “‘We’ve never had more than two on our roster since I’ve been here,’” Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians told the New York Post.

However, the statement sounds all too much like there is another reason for not signing Kaepernick as Arians has had three quarterbacks on his roster since he was hired in 2013 according to the New York Post. This puts things back in Kaepernick’s favor as it is suspicious that no other teams will sign him.

It also helps to answer why Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the NFL, saying the organizations and coaches are colluding against him.

The process is starting to unfold as Kaepernick’s team and the NFL have delved into finding a solution.  According to CBS sports, “Kaepnerick’s legal team plans to ask the System Arbitrator hearing the case to compel all owners and high-ranking officials to turn over cell and email correspondence.”

While it would be unlikely that all of these records could be recovered, Kaepernick also has inquired about any team’s contact with President Trump, as he is a huge advocate for putting an end to the NFL protests.

CBS Sports reports “The formal discovery requests will include not just owners, but also top executives for the clubs involved.” Teams are being investigated who have personally talked to Kaepernick, lost a quarterback to injury, or have spoken to Trump.

CBS Sports reports that the teams would be the Ravens, Seahawks, Titans, Packers, Patriots, and Cowboys. An investigation like this could take a few weeks or even a month to come up with an answer.

The NFL has asked to look through the technology and equipment of certain players in the past such as Tom Brady, but there is a line between evidence and personal information, especially if it is looking into so many teams.

“Kaepernick’s legal team would likely request the ability to search the phones of some top league office staff as well for key terms (“Kaepernick,”  “blackballed,” “workout,” etc.) as part of their search for evidence,” reports CBS Sports. If such evidence were to turn up in the electronic devices of some teams, it may convince Stephen Burbank, the System Arbitrator, of collusion that has been happening.

This would end a case that could give Kaepernick his job back because it is illegal for a league such as the NFL to collude against a single player. Kaepernick continues to push through his case with the support of many NFL stars by his side.

“‘He shouldn’t be sacrificed because he brought up something that wasn’t a relevant talking point. He should have the opportunity,’” says Seahawk’s defensive end Michael Bennett to Sporting News.

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