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Jarrett Embodies Scholar-Athlete Persona

Cole Jarrett, class of 18’, has established himself as one of the most well-rounded and involved members in the Boys’ Latin community. Most people who don’t know Jarrett well may only be aware of his prowess on the baseball field or that he’s in some of the more advanced classes Boys’ Latin has to offer.

The most impressive and unique accomplishments that lie on Jarrett’s resumé are unfortunately unknown to most.

Jarrett established his name immediately after stepping foot on campus freshman year. He came to Boys’ Latin because of the academic and athletic opportunities that the school had to offer. He has utilized every opportunity and privilege Boys’ Latin has given him.

Jarrett will have one of the more impressive transcripts in the class of 2018.  He will graduate with 10 AP courses and is on track to finish with a 4.1 GPA.

Of all the courses he’s taken, he claims AP Lang was his favorite: “Mr. Laf is such a cool guy and Lang was so different than any other class I’ve ever taken.”

Despite Jarrett’s rigorous course load over the years, he has made significant contributions to the baseball program. He was the only freshman to make the varsity team in 2015 and was a key component to the 2016 championship team. Last May, he was one of two athletes to receive the Outstanding Junior Athlete Award.

Those who don’t know him well probably wouldn’t know that he’s a member of the robotics team or that he’s in the jazz band. Whether it was taking the trip to St. Louis with robotics or performing in the jazz band at the school-wide assemblies, Jarrett has enjoyed the many extracurricular opportunities Boys’ Latin has to offer.

Jarrett is currently in the process of finding a college to call home. He’s a highly touted Division-III baseball recruit, but the strength of the baseball team is not the main attraction he’s looking for in each school. Unlike many kids his age, Jarrett has a clear idea of what he plans to study in college.

Jarrett said, “I have a really strong passion for civil and environmental engineering, and I really want to pursue that as a career.” His passion for the sciences stems directly from his experience in the classroom at BL.

Jarrett has visited a handful of colleges including Case Western, however, he has not made his decision. He spent part of last summer exploring potential college options where he could pursue his passion while playing college baseball.

Jarrett didn’t leave his school bag untouched like most of his classmates did this summer. In July, he spent a week in Ithaca, New York participating in Cornell’s summer engineering camp.

Classmate Wayne Garrus has been a lifelong friend of Jarrett and knows him better than anyone else.

Garrus says he’s most impressed by Jarret because “Cole is a perfectionist. He won’t stop until he succeeds.” Garrus also commented that some people may think Jarrett is shy but once he opens up he is a very nice and funny person.

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