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Boys’ Latin Students Execute Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

In an effort to raise money for a breast cancer survivors charity, Scott Shuster initiated the idea to design and sell pink shirts with the help of fellow classmate J.P. Barbeau.

As most people know, the month of October is nationally known as breast cancer awareness month. In previous years, Boys’ Latin would have a dress down donation in which students who paid $5 would have the luxury to dress down on a given Friday. The proceeds would then go to a cancer research foundation.

The school is actively involved in relationship violence through the One Love Club, but Shuster noticed that there wasn’t that same emphasis on cancer and those affected by the disease. Shuster, who is co-head of the spirit club and the leader of the student sections, got the idea to make shirts when the senior class was asked about the design of the Boys’ Latin/St. Paul’s football shirts.

Shuster immediately pursued this fundraising initiative and joined up with Barbeau. Together, the two worked through all the variables and logistics to make the shirts a hit amongst the community.

The shirts have been nothing but successful. The school has raised $1100 in profit. The short sleeve shirts sold for $15 each while the long sleeves were sold at $25 a piece.

All proceeds go to the Red Devil’s Foundation. This foundation doesn’t use its money to find a cure. Instead, it provides financial assistance to the families who were and still are affected by breast cancer

The project couldn’t have been executed without the help of a few individuals.

Shuster said, “We wouldn’t have been able to get the shirts made without the generous discount that the t-shirt company gave us and the $2700 in seed money the BL finance office provided.”

In addition to his father’s role, Shuster’s mom was crucial in running the sales.

Jenn MacDonald, who is a member of the finance office, credited Shuster and Barbeau for their hard work and effort in selling the shirts. Shuster mentioned that MacDonald was a key resource and was the one who made it possible to get the seed money they needed.

In the $1100 that has been collected, a great deal of the profits came from last month’s Fall Fest on October 14th. The Fall Fest football game always has a large turnout, so the Spirit Council used the pink shirts as a vehicle for the theme of the student section.

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