BL Spotlight

Boys’ Latin Fall Festival Results in Resounding Success

On Saturday, October 14th, the Boys’ Latin community got together for the Fall Festival to enjoy sports, food, games, and much more. The Fall Festival is an annual event when parents, alumni, and students plan for the community to socialize and have fun. The lower and middle schoolers played games together while the parents and high schoolers socialized and watched their classmates play sports.

The event kicked off with the varsity soccer team playing the St. Paul’s Crusaders, Boys’ Latin’s rival school. The rivalry dates back to over 100 years ago, leading to many battles athletically over the years. The game resulted in a 2-2 tie, including a goal by senior Josh Blibaum within the last 30 seconds and two overtimes.

Over the years, the festival has developed into a huge social outing for the community. Multiple moon bounces, a picture booth, a grill, and a dunk tank were provided for all attendees of the event. The staff mainly consisted of volunteer parents and students who supervised the games and handed out food.

Jack Morton, a member of the senior class at Boys’ Latin, was one of the volunteers for the dunk tank. People would aim for a target with baseballs which led to the seat collapsing under Morton when hit. “The water was very cold and it was frankly unexpected to be dunked,” said Morton.

“I know a lot of effort goes into the Fall Fest, and I wanted to make sure the attractions were taken care of,” said Morton. The dunk tank has been one of the most popular attractions for the participants to do, being that they can dunk fellow classmates and teachers into freezing water.

Hunter Isaac, a senior at Boys’ Latin, has been to all 13 Fall Festivals as a Laker, from playing in the moon bounces to leading student sections, and has loved every year of it.

“My favorite part about the Fall Fest is probably the sports games,” said Isaac. “The student sections were super this year,” Isaac said as a member of the student sections for football and soccer. Boys’ Latin’s student sections are notorious in the MIAA for being extremely loud and supportive for their classmates.

The student section moved to the varsity football game against the Severn Admirals, which led to an unfortunate loss for Boys’ Latin, losing 27-21. Although the game resulted in a loss, the student section cheered for their classmates throughout the entire game.

Throughout the festival, t-shirts supporting breast cancer awareness were being sold with all proceeds going to breast cancer survivors and their families. Hundreds of shirts were sold and worn throughout the day and were also the theme for the student sections.

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