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Campus Store Routine Part of BL Student Life

For many, the campus store has become an everyday part of BL students’ lives.  The store provides a variety of BL apparel and snacks for students and others in the BL community.

The store is in close proximity of the upper school as it is between the GAC and football field.  The morning 15-minute break is the busiest time; about 100 students walk down to the store to grab a snack and/or drink on any given day.

In terms of BL gear, students have seen a growth in a number of styles and options there are to buy over the past few years.  The store is covered in maroon and white with a wide selection of clothing including t-shirts and shorts to coats and sweatpants.  Some other items include BL backpacks, phone cases, pillows, and school supplies.


There is diversity in a number of styles and brands in the school store.

Anne Whitman runs the school store every day and is often accompanied by a volunteer BL parent.  Whitman does her best to sell a multitude of people’s favorites whether it be a diet Coke to a faculty member or a protein drink to an athlete.  Most recently added were muffins from Atwater’s Bakery.

Students have the option of paying with cash or having items charged to their account. Whitman said that one of the main reasons students like to shop at the store is because they can have items charged to their account instead of using cash.  Students can easily buy what they need in a timely fashion.

“I love how organized it is and how stuff is easy to find,” said Carlos Davis, a junior at BL.

Luke Fowler, a sophomore, appreciates how the school store is open after school because the student commons closes after lunch.  When he has to stay late after school, Fowler said that the food really helps.  He added, “As for the school apparel, I think it’s a little overpriced, but I’m willing to pay for it.”

Xavier Hall, a senior on the soccer team, goes to the school store four to five times a week.  He commented on how he wishes there were more healthy options for snacks in the store.  Student-athletes sometimes stop by the school store before practice to grab a Gatorade.

Didier Osias, now a freshman, says that the school store and the picnic tables just outside become a nice place to hang out where students can get a quick snack.

“My favorite part of my job is meeting with all the new families that are excited to come to Boys’ Latin,” said Whitman.  She added, “I believe that Boys’ Latin has the most loyal fans and alumni student body.”  So whether someone is a student, parent, or alumni, they “love to wear Boys’ Latin stuff or have a magnet on your car.”

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