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Rice Plays Key Role for School’s Athletics



Jamie Rice gets ready for play. Courtesy of SmugMug.

Sports play a huge role in the Boys’ Latin community throughout the year, especially for student-athlete Jamie Rice. Rice is a senior who is a member of varsity football, wrestling, and lacrosse and plays a big role in the athletic department. As the school year goes on, Rice will show his athletic talent on the field and mat, showing opposing teams the competitiveness brought by the school.

Rice has played sports since he could walk and has been improving ever since. Although Rice enjoys every sport he plays, football is his favorite. “I’ve generally loved sports throughout my life; both my brothers played football and I enjoy watching football,” Rice said.

As the starting wide receiver and football holder for the kicker, Rice plays a major role on the football team. Rice’s favorite football moment was “Catching the winning touchdown pass against Loyola or the tieing pass against Episcopal.” Both teams are full of well trained and conditioned boys who compete in tough high school football conferences.

Rice’s athletic talent does not come easy as he trains and practices for many hours throughout the week and all year long. Being a three-sport athlete requires a lot of time and effort, but Rice loves the sports he plays, making the long practices and workouts much easier for him.

“I work out after practices and work hard during practices, but other sports help me improve as well,” Rice explained. Rice has proved his athletic talent for Boys’ Latin since middle school, which is when organized sports begins for students. Even though middle school sports are not nearly as competitive and serious as they are in high school, Rice has always been able to show his competitiveness for the school and his opponents.

Michael Ubriaco, a lifetime friend and teammate of Rice, explained both of their levels of competition they have had since they were born. “We both get so competitive, especially with each other,” Ubriaco explained. Ubriaco and Rice play together on the varsity lacrosse team which is ranked among the top 20 best high school lacrosse teams in the nation.

Ubriaco and Rice have a great chemistry together due to their experiences over the years. Their friendship has become strong over the years both socially and athletically, translating to more success on the field.

Rice’s love for football also translates to his dreams as well. He claimed his favorite football player to be Chris Hogan of the New England Patriots because “he’s a professional wide receiver and used to play lacrosse; he’s also dank.” Rice also said that if he could play any sport at any college, he would play football for the University of Alabama.

Patrick McDermott, a teammate of Rice since freshman year, said, “Even though we both play different positions for different sports [football and lacrosse], we’re both pretty tough players or grinders.” McDermott and Rice both played JV football and lacrosse for two years prior to starting to compete at a varsity level their junior year.

Even though Rice loves to play physical and tough sports, he has a strong interest in golf. He said if he could play any professional sport, it would be golf.

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