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Godin is Captain On and Off Field, Open Seas

It may seem impossible for the average student to manage being a scholar in the classroom, being an athlete during in the fall, winter, or spring seasons, completing college applications, essays, and then on top of this, being an avid sailor as a pastime.

But it is not impossible for senior Jack Godin. Although Godin has been at BL since pre-first, which is about 13 years, not many people know about his passion for sailing the open seas.

Even at the early age of five or six, Godin was drawn to the ocean as he stated, “my grandfather who was my role model got me into sailing, and I’ve been sailing with him ever since on the Long Island Sound in Connecticut.”

Godin acknowledged that his grandfather taught him a lot of life lessons and has always been there for him when he needed him, even calling him a ”best friend.”

Sailing might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but Godin describes it to be one of the most relaxing and peaceful things anyone could do. Whether it’s with a group of friends or just individually, it teaches oneself things that were previously unknown.

Sailing has taken that spot in Godin’s heart and mind which his passion can be drawn from.

Outside of being a captain on the water, Godin has also been an inspiration for not only his classmates but his teammates on the field during soccer.

As Jack’s soccer career first began during his freshman year, he started on JV and worked his way up the ranks to become the captain of the varsity team his senior year.

Spoken like a true captain, Godin said, “I think that as the captain I feel entitled to be a role model on the field and try and do my best to inspire the team and make them try their hardest.” His strong work ethic, motivation, and determination pushed him to work harder at soccer each year to be awarded the role of captain his senior year.

Joseph Bailey, varsity soccer coach, says Godin is a captain who leads by examples and is very vocal during practices encouraging other teammates and calling out fellow players on their faults if an error is made.

Off the field, Godin’s hard work, determination, and leadership in the classroom has led him to inspire his classmates by bringing forth their best work possible.

Being in a class with Godin all of last year is proof of his leadership as he encouraged his classmates not only in the Voices of Dissent class but also in Literature of the Sea to strive for greatness as he did.

While others might find English to be loathsome and boring, Godin takes a particular interest in novels and literature because the stories can convey a certain emotion that can teach one things about themselves that were unknown.

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